Tuesday, July 4, 2017

P-Day #48 - Canada Day, Helping People Move and A Drop in the Bucket...

Elder Jacob Perry
Canada Toronto Mission

This week was a good one for us.

We had a lot of our investigators show up for church this week.

We had one man we have been teaching come to church and actually find it. He had tried to find the church building last week, but went to the wrong end of the street. We also had a lady come to church who we have been trying to help come to church for a long time. She was nervous but, I think she liked it. It was good to see them there and we will be trying to meet with them this week.

Me & My Homies!
We have been working hard at opening our mouths and sharing The Gospel with others. That has brought some really good conversations up.  We had the opportunity to give a sister a blessing and she felt better after it which I thought was good. I never thought I would be giving so many blessings to so many people.

We were able to talk with this one man who was working in his garden. As we talked, he said that we couldn't find peace in this life. We were able to testify that there was and that we can, through Jesus Christ, and we shared Alma 32 with him. He said to drop-by this weekend and we could teach our message.

We have been able to do a lot of service this week with helping others move and we have been able to strengthen The Ward. We moved a lot of furniture this week for a lot of different people. Sometimes people just need the strong missionaries to help out with things.
Just Hangin' With My Comps...

We finished our map that we have been working on so we can be more effective and we will be able to visit more people. 

We had Canada Day which is the Canadian Independence Day. We went with a family to The Festival and were able to give support to a family that just needed our company. The Festival was fun too, even though I did get a little sunburned.

Elder Perry with The Pen Made by Uncle Wain Perry!!!
Sometimes it feels like we are a drop in the bucket, but all the drops in the bucket add up till the bucket is full.

I'd like to give a SPECIAL shout out to my Mom...Happy Birthday, Mom. Your very special to me!

Love You Mom and Dad, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Hamilton Ward
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission 

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