Monday, June 26, 2017

P-Day #47 - Opening My Mouth, Lots of Investigators and Going on Another Hike....

Elder Perry Hiking on P-Day
This week has been an eventful week.

Remember the French Investigator from Quebec I mentioned last week?  He is doing good. We had a good lesson with him and after I had said the ending prayer he wanted to pray also! So, he wanted to say a prayer and he prayed for us. He said that he has met with the missionaries before and wasn't ready to be baptized but feels like now is the time. For all who read this, keep praying for him and his desire to be baptized.

We had a lesson with a man who speaks fluent French and a little English. He wants us to teach him in English, but be there in case there is a word that he can't really understand in English.

Make It Rain!

We also had the opportunity to speak to two interesting guys who wanted to see our opinions on the Bible. Just taught the doctrine and explained the scriptures that they brought up. They seemed grateful that we were able to talk with them and we set a return appointment.

Elder Perry Flashing Mormon Gang Sign!

We had an interesting experience this week. We talked to two men who wanted to Bible bash with us and we confounded them in their words. Heavenly Father really helped us on that one. They started bring up church history and allegations that people had said about the church, but when I asked for the source, they said they heard it from a friend of a friend and then they had to go. 

Zone Conference was a really good experience and I learned a lot about opening your mouth to talk to others. We have been working on finding new people this week and we have been blessed in abundance. We have talked to a lot of people and our schedule has been filled by non-members and members who are ready to help us in the work in any way they possibly can.

Elder Kaku and Elder Perry

We have been working with a recent convert family through some tough trials and we have been able to lift their spirits and change a tire in the process. We will continue to work with them and strengthen them.

For P-Day we went on another hike. It really is pretty here in Hamilton. As far as living in “The Bat Cave” with my companion and our compadre’s, it’s fun! We laugh with each other a lot and just do crazy things. You have to have your Nerf gun ready just in case you get ambushed walking up the stairs…Thanks Uncle Troy for my weaponry!

Elder Perry...Yes, the Church is True... Like a Rock ...Immovable!

Grandma & Grandpa Gibson, I did get your letter. Thanks so much for sending me things, I really appreciate it!

Mom, here’s a bonus. We will not be having P-Day on Monday July 3rd because it’s an official holiday here. So, our P-Day will be on July 4th….Your Special Day! Can’t wait.

I'm Having a Good Time on My Mission!

Love You!! Pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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