Wednesday, June 7, 2017

P-Day #44 - Teaching The Little Ones, Transferred to Downtown Hamilton, Ontario and going on a Safari...

Missionaries will teach ANYONE!!!

This week has been a week of trying to work with the Ward Council and less actives. In Ward Council, when asked, we had a report out about everyone we met, talked to, visited and especially our investigators!!!

Our English Class Regulars!

We have been doing a lot of “drop by's” and have been able to see an inactive member who just moved into the area a while ago.  We started to talk with him and as we did, his seven-year-old daughter came and started to look through my marked scriptures and asked questions about why I had marked them. I told her that they were to help me learn from them and to apply what they were teaching. As the lesson went on, she started to look for the scripture that we were going to share. We read it, and with a great curiosity, asked if she could try and read it as if looking at a new language. She did pretty well and after the lesson, she looked at the book as if she wanted to read more. We gave her a copy and went on to the front porch with her. She was still flipping through the pages of the Book of Mormon. The Missionaries will continue to visit the family and help them feel the Spirit in their lives. 

What is it about swords that light up and Missionaries???

We also had the opportunity to teach the first lesson to a referral we had received. From the moment we walked in the door, she had a list of questions for us. We were able to teach her the message of the restoration and as she wanted to know more. We taught her “The Plan of Salvation” and the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”. She committed to read The Book of Mormon. The Missionaries will continue to meet with her and teach her.

The All Important Elder Perry Selfie!!!

The reason I said “The Missionaries” and not “I” or “We” is because transfers are tomorrow and I am being transferred to downtown Hamilton, Ontario. I am going to be a companion of a “DL”, his name is Elder Kaku and he is from Africa. I am going to miss Elder Baker, he is a very fine man and I hope to work with him again! Apparently, they filmed Batman – The Dark Knight in Hamilton, so that will be fun to see where they filmed it. “Who’s afraid of the Big Black Bat???”

Hey Preacher Boy, Got a Book of Mormon for me???

So, on our last P-Day, we went to a Safari. It was a hoot! We saw every kind of animal I knew and some I didn’t know.  I did have a particular laugh at the baboons. They climbed on our car and everything. It was fun!

Yes Mom, I'm Alive, Healthy, Eating Well
and Enjoying My Mission!!!

I love you Mom and Dad and Pray for your every Night and Day!

Elder Perry
Soon to be from Downtown Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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