Tuesday, June 13, 2017

P-Day #45 - The Bat Cave, Speaking in Rusty French and Being a Witness for A Family Sealed in the Temple...

My New District
Lots of changes happened since last week. 

As I told you last week, I knew I was getting transferred to downtown Hamilton. I arrived Monday night and met my new companion. His name is Elder Kaku and he is from Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa. He is our District Leader(DL) and has been out 7 months, but 2 of that he had to stay in Ghana waiting on his Visa. He is a really great companion. We get along very well and we’ve stayed very busy.

This week has been a really good week for us.

Back Row Sister and President Shields, Elder Perry(Me) and Elder Kaku, Front Rows are the Family that was Sealed in the Toronto, Ontario LDS Temple

Obedience does bring blessings and we have seen them this week. We have been working hard this entire week to help a family attend the temple for the first time. It was a really a good experience and it was very special being able to witness for the family. We also had 2 other baptisms. It was actually my first time ever being on a temple team to help out.

We Went Out to Eat after Attending the Temple!

We were able to get 4 new investigators this week. I was able to get two of them using my rusty, but still usable French. Miracles come in unexpected ways and this one is no different. We heard a lady yelling and we thought we were being followed. So, we turned down this street to see but couldn’t find her. However, as we started walking, we ran into two ladies who were speaking a different language. I asked them if it was French and it wasn't. But, one on the ladies did speak French and it was her primary language. We started talking and her son wanted one of the “Prince of Peace” pass-along cards that had a picture of Jesus on it. We gave him one and he cherished that picture and could not stop looking and smiling at it. My French was a little rusty and the ladies giggled when I messed up a word or pronunciation. Perhaps humor is a way of keeping investigators talking and interested. We set up an appointment to meet with her at church this week. We got her phone number to confirm with her on Saturday the day before church.

Toronto Canada LDS Temple

We also have been working on a “dot map” of the area which will allow us to walk around to more people and not use so many kilometers on the car. It took a lot of time but it will allow us to be more effective in the future.

My View From "The Bat Cave"

I’m staying in a place we call “The Bat Cave”. Not sure why, but it’s pretty nice and I can see much of downtown from our apartment. It’s pretty nice almost like downtown Portland, but I think the view is much nicer. Our apartment also has a punching bag so I’ve been working out on that as much as I can. We also live with another companionship who are our Zone Leaders. We have a great time. At Christmas, My Uncle Troy send me a set of Nerf Guns. We have a blast having Nerf Wars in our down time! (Thanks Troy!)

I’ve met quite a few of our ward members and they are AWESOME! Great people and they feed us a ton! Who could ask for more?

This week went VERY well and I feel Great!

I Love You and Pray for You every night and Day!

Elder Perry
Downtown Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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