Tuesday, May 30, 2017

P-Day #43 - Being Planters, Harvesters and The Music of the Gospel...

Toronto Canada LDS Temple

This week has been a week of reflection and prayer.

For most of the week, I had been a little discouraged. However, as the week went on, I thought about what we are doing here and why we are here. We are here to be harvesters, yes! But, also planters, if needed. I remembered a Mormon Message about hearing "The Music of the Gospel". Click on the following link, take a listen...and watch the video....

I guess I had just lost the music and what we are doing as missionaries. All that is required for a success is being committed, willing, worthy and able to go and hear the music.

We went "tracking" for 6 hours because we have used all the other ideas and talked to some really nice people. We didn't get any new investigators but gave people the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel. We helped a member build a swing set for his son and were able to talk about things in their life that would help them. I think we helped him and his family come closer together and become one in purpose.

We had the opportunity to a talk to a Baptist Minister about church services and common similarities in our religions. Our English class has really started to pick up and we have a lot of people coming regularly to learn English. We tried to start a scripture study class but had to discontinue it because no one showed up. 

We will continue to work and continue to "gather and hunt".

Next week, pics of a Safari.....

Love You Mom and Dad, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

Saturday, May 27, 2017

P-Day #42 - Hope, The Light of Christ and using Canada's "Free Healthcare"....

Kitchener and London Zone Conference
Elder Perry 3rd Row 4th from the Left

This week has been a really good week in talking with a lot of people.

We have driven many miles and have seen many horse and buggies from the Mennonite people. It’s cool to see something I wouldn’t be able to see back home.

We had the opportunity to give away a Bible this week and it was interesting because we got the text and the person who wanted it was just 5 min away. We went and talked with her and delivered the Bible to her. Hopefully more to follow in the weeks to come.

Elder Perry
Back & Right - With the Colorful Tie

We moved a freezer this week and had to take off the doors to get into a member’s basement. After some twisting, turning, dropping and thinking, we were finally able to get the freezer out. I did get a souvenir, I got a nasty cut on my thumb…OUCH! Don’t worry Mom, I have Neosporin and a Band-Aid. I won’t let it go until they need to amputate. I’m taking care of it! I promise.

I have been sick for the past week and had to visit a walk-in clinic. It was a very interesting experience in Canada with the “free healthcare”. We walked in and there was a lot of people in the lobby. I had to wait over 3 hours, but I did see a doctor. I got the typical "once over" and some antibiotics. I have been feeling better though so that has turned out really good. 

My "Weekly Blog" would not be complete without a P-Day Selfie!

We have a very unique opportunity to give people HOPE. When you are able to share the Gospel with them, they seem to brighten up. This is when you have seen the “Light of Christ” enter into their lives! Sometimes they are interested in hearing more, sometimes not, but the invitation is always there…

We need to look for a new apartment due to the cost of utilities in our current one. President Shields asked us to find one, so we’re on the lookout.

For those who really read my blog, a special treat! Turn you sound down a bit and Click on this link...

Remember, I Love You! I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, May 15, 2017

P-Day #41 - Teaching English Classes, The Children & SKYPE'ing for Mother's Day...

The Boy's of Kitchener
Elder Baker-Logandale, UT Elder Staheli-Enterprise, UT  Elder Valliere- Layton, UT  Elder Perry- Vernonia, OR
This week has been really good.

We have been working really hard at our English class. We have put up a lot of posters around Kitchener and Waterloo. For the past couple of classes, we have had around 6 to 7 people when before we had about 1 to 2.

We have been having some good success with the potential investigators that we have been going through. We knocked on the door of this one potential from years ago. The mother opened the door and we explained who we were. As we did, her children came to the door, looked at our tags and with excitement said "That we had Jesus Christ on our name tags". She didn't want to be taught and as she said this, her children said "Why? We believe in God and Jesus Christ". She said that we could come back and teach the children, who looked above the age of eight, so we will try again in the near future.

The Boy's of Kitchener
Elder Baker-Logandale, UT Elder Staheli-Enterprise, UT  Elder Valliere- Layton, UT  Elder Perry- Vernonia, OR
We have also had the opportunity to go to the small towns of our area and administer blessings to the members there. We had the opportunity to go to a dinner with some members who invited their non-member friends over. We got to know them and taught them a very simple 5-minute restoration lesson. At the end, we offered them the Book of Mormon and they accepted. We will continue to work with the members in the area and will continue to try and find through our own efforts.

Elder "Super Cool" Perry
It was great Skype'ing with you on Mother's Day. I miss You Mom!

I Pray for You Every Night and Day, 


Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

P-Day #40 - Regional Conference Broadcast, Having Some Success & A Breakfast Fit For 4 Elders...

Elder Perry and Elder Baker

Hi Mom and Dad, 

This week has been a really exciting week for us.

We had a Regional Broadcast for Conference this week with Dallin H. Oaks. He did a really good job on speaking about member missionary work and how it is a member’s duty. I was especially excited when I learned this broadcast was being sent to our entire region because I was watching the same broadcast as my sister Megan…at the same time, YEA!

We had one of our investigators, who we have been working with for a month and a half, come to church for the first time. We had invited him several times, but he just showed up, out of the blue. We were really excited! He seemed like he enjoyed church. We will be trying to meet with him again this week. He had to leave half way through the broadcast, but he sat thru the part I think he needed the most and missed the parts he may not understand being a non-member.

We were able to help a lady get some peace. She came up to us and asked us in church if she could have a Book of Mormon. We said of course she could. We made an appointment and we will be meeting with her this upcoming week. She started to cry and it was awesome because the Spirit was there! 

Elder Baker and I are getting along great. We had the Spanish speaking elders over and I made everyone breakfast. I made homemade hash browns and over a dozen eggs for four elders, using half the package of bacon crumples you sent in your box. You should have seen it, it was a sight to behold…!!!

That reminds me, I did get your box. Thanks for all the goodies, Elder Baker and I are almost done with the Easter candy. Also, thanks for all the other things in the box, it made my day!  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Gibson for their letter and support while I’m out here. I really appreciate all the E-Mails, Letters and goodies I get from everyone, many thanks to all!

We have been working through potential investigators this week and have had a little success, but not very much. We talked with a lady who is coming back to activity and she shared an experience on paying her tithing. She said that it was hard right now. We were able to promise blessings will come and we have an appointment with her this week.

We set up an appointment the week to meet with a family where we are able to practice the activity for member missionary work found in preach my gospel. This activity is where they make a list of names they would like to see have the gospel in their lives.

We get to SKYPE you for Mother’s Day on Sunday. I can’t wait to see you and talk to you.

I Love You and Pray for you Every Night and Day!

Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

P.S. I promise more pictures next after Mother's Day !!! Love You!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

P-Day # 39 - New Companion, Lots of Moving and Horsing Around!!!

Elder Valliere, Elder Staheli, Elder Baker & Elder Perry

This week has been a good week.

The exchanges with the Zone Leaders went very well for transfers and we were able to make the exchanges with very little incident.

Elder Baker and I have been getting along very well and have been busy this week. Later today I think we’ll go to Mel’s Diner. They have great Monday burger deals and Elder Baker wants to take the “2 ¾ Cheeseburger “Godfather” challenge…. Good luck to him. I’ll let you know if he makes it or breaks it. Pictures to follow next week!

Elders Perry, Staheli, Hanks and Stephens Morning Exercising!

We helped an inactive member move a couple times during the week. It was a lot of things to move but we got it done. We became hero's and we felt pretty good about what we did.

We also helped a lady move who was not a member and as we did, we found a Book of Mormon and a video of the Restoration. She asked if it was one of ours and we said it was. We asked her about if she had read the Book of Mormon and she said no. We then shared about how she had been on a spiritual journey looking for something that was missing. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it would benefit her life. We gave her to the sisters because she was not in our area and we hope that the sisters will be able to start teaching her.

Elders will be Elders...Nice Shirt!

We haven't found any new investigators this week but we have some members that are doing really good on their missionary work and we hope that those will work out.

The Lord answers prayers. My mission card was low on funds and I didn't want to use personal money last month. I was hoping the Lord would take care of it and he did. We had a Bishops Storehouse drop off. When people do not come to pick up their food orders, the missionaries get to take the leftover food home. We had so much food afterward that we didn't really need to buy food this week. Blessings!

All is well here. Remember, I love you and pray for you night and day,


Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario

Canada Toronto Mission