Saturday, May 27, 2017

P-Day #42 - Hope, The Light of Christ and using Canada's "Free Healthcare"....

Kitchener and London Zone Conference
Elder Perry 3rd Row 4th from the Left

This week has been a really good week in talking with a lot of people.

We have driven many miles and have seen many horse and buggies from the Mennonite people. It’s cool to see something I wouldn’t be able to see back home.

We had the opportunity to give away a Bible this week and it was interesting because we got the text and the person who wanted it was just 5 min away. We went and talked with her and delivered the Bible to her. Hopefully more to follow in the weeks to come.

Elder Perry
Back & Right - With the Colorful Tie

We moved a freezer this week and had to take off the doors to get into a member’s basement. After some twisting, turning, dropping and thinking, we were finally able to get the freezer out. I did get a souvenir, I got a nasty cut on my thumb…OUCH! Don’t worry Mom, I have Neosporin and a Band-Aid. I won’t let it go until they need to amputate. I’m taking care of it! I promise.

I have been sick for the past week and had to visit a walk-in clinic. It was a very interesting experience in Canada with the “free healthcare”. We walked in and there was a lot of people in the lobby. I had to wait over 3 hours, but I did see a doctor. I got the typical "once over" and some antibiotics. I have been feeling better though so that has turned out really good. 

My "Weekly Blog" would not be complete without a P-Day Selfie!

We have a very unique opportunity to give people HOPE. When you are able to share the Gospel with them, they seem to brighten up. This is when you have seen the “Light of Christ” enter into their lives! Sometimes they are interested in hearing more, sometimes not, but the invitation is always there…

We need to look for a new apartment due to the cost of utilities in our current one. President Shields asked us to find one, so we’re on the lookout.

For those who really read my blog, a special treat! Turn you sound down a bit and Click on this link...

Remember, I Love You! I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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