Tuesday, May 30, 2017

P-Day #43 - Being Planters, Harvesters and The Music of the Gospel...

Toronto Canada LDS Temple

This week has been a week of reflection and prayer.

For most of the week, I had been a little discouraged. However, as the week went on, I thought about what we are doing here and why we are here. We are here to be harvesters, yes! But, also planters, if needed. I remembered a Mormon Message about hearing "The Music of the Gospel". Click on the following link, take a listen...and watch the video....

I guess I had just lost the music and what we are doing as missionaries. All that is required for a success is being committed, willing, worthy and able to go and hear the music.

We went "tracking" for 6 hours because we have used all the other ideas and talked to some really nice people. We didn't get any new investigators but gave people the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel. We helped a member build a swing set for his son and were able to talk about things in their life that would help them. I think we helped him and his family come closer together and become one in purpose.

We had the opportunity to a talk to a Baptist Minister about church services and common similarities in our religions. Our English class has really started to pick up and we have a lot of people coming regularly to learn English. We tried to start a scripture study class but had to discontinue it because no one showed up. 

We will continue to work and continue to "gather and hunt".

Next week, pics of a Safari.....

Love You Mom and Dad, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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