Friday, June 15, 2018

P-Day #97 - My Companion Being Assaulted, The Subway and It's Hammer Time....

Elder Perry in the Subway....Toronto, Canada

Hi Mom and Dad, 

This week we had the opportunity to teach a new investigator the restoration. Her friend had told her about the missionaries and how they have helped her feel peace. Her friend wanted to know more so we were able to help with that and taught her. We asked her at the end of the lesson if she wanted to learn about the answers to the three main questions of life. 

Where did I come from? 

Why am I here? 

And, where am I going after this life?

She said yes! So I take that as, we made a good impression.
The Spirit is working! 

On the Bank of One of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario...

We taught another investigator about baptism and proper priesthood authority. As we talked you could see their countenance change and she was very willing to pray about the need to be baptized again. We had the opportunity to help build a walkway for a member by breaking up concrete with sledge hammers. She was very impressed that we had broken it up so quickly. We were able put in some stone slabs and rocks to create a new path. We watched President and Sister Nelson's devotional for the youth. I thought it was pretty cool President Nelson "Threw Down" on social media. I see what he's talking about everywhere I go.

Why Yes, We DO Need to Mow the Grass....

Also, another funny story...We were eating in Wendy's and this college girl comes over to our table. She was as high as a kite, obviously on something. She asked us a few questions and then rubs her hand on my companions face before walking away. It was so funny ....I could see in his eyes him thinking "I was just spiritually and physically assaulted"...He didn't know what to do... We survived another day in the field......Hahahahaha 

Things have been going very well and we are looking forward to the coming week.

Here are some pics of the scenery...Enjoy...Gods Creations are Beautiful!

Love You And Remember, I pray for you every night and day!!!

Elder Perry
Scarborough Ward
Toronto Stake
Canada Toronto Mission 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

P-Day #96 - Lots of Investigators, P-Day Fun and Still Traveling Like a Seventy...

Hi Mom and Dad,

I was emergency transferred to the Scarborough area with a new companion Elder Heppler. His previous companion was moved to another area so, since I was in a tri-companionship…I’m the first to fill a gap. Still traveling like a seventy right up until the end!

I have been working hard on learning the area and the members and I think that it’s going well.

We had the opportunity to build some shelves with a couple members. They turned out really good.

We also had the opportunity to visit some members in a hospital this week. We got to talk to them about how they were doing and we also got to talk to them about enduring trials with patience.

We have been working with our investigators to help them progress. We were able to teach one of them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extended a baptismal invitation. She said that she would have to pray about it which was a good sign that she wants to find out for herself.

We were able to have an investigator lesson with another sister who really wanted to meet with us and learn more about the church because her friends had told her so much about it and how they loved the church. We were able to teach a lesson on the restoration and her friend was able to give her a Book of Mormon during the lesson. She seemed grateful we had come and we asked her if she would like to learn more. She said that she would be interested and we also extended the invitation to her to come to church with her friend. We will be coordinating with the friend and setting up another appointment so we can teach this member friend.

Megan, Thanks for helping me get my classes setup at BYU-I. Mom, Megan and Dad, thanks for getting my housing setup, too. It’s good to know where I am going, and it is already waiting for me.

We have been doing great and we are looking forward to the coming week. 

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Weston South
Weston Ward
Canada Toronto Mission

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

P-Day #95 - Visitors from Home, Too Tall to Ride the Bumble Bee and Having Fun on P-Day...

Bro. David Western, Elder Perry & Sis. Valri Western

Hi Mom and Dad,

I had a VERY cool thing happen. A couple, Brother David & Sister Valri Western, from my home Branch in Vernonia Oregon were visiting Niagara Falls. They contacted me and took us 3 elders out to lunch. It was great visiting with them. We mostly talked about their missions, stories about the cool places they have been on their vacation, and Brother Western was my seminary teacher when I first started Seminary so, we reminisced about that. It was so good to see someone home. I am VERY grateful we were able to meet up with them. It meant a lot to me!

Elder Emery, Cheve and I Sitting at a lunch with the Westerns.

We have our baptism on the 10th of June. Everything is still on track.

We had zone conference this week. No surprises, YEA!

On P-Day, we went on a Ferry and visited Centre Island Toronto. It has an Amusement park and lots to see...Enjoy the pics!

We worked on the DEMO we started from last week. The hard part was getting the metal wall off. Took a while with the crow bar, but we “got er’ done”! 

We have been able to find some new people with just street contacting. YEA!  Love Blessings....

I have been reviewing classes at BYU-I in preparation for my 5 weeks home then reporting to college.

Well, this will be a shorter blog cause, I gotta go and meet with an investigator.

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Weston South
Weston Ward
Canada Toronto Mission

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

P-Day #94 - Baptism Date Set, Demo Day and Grillin' For Our Investigators...

Elder Cheve, Elder Perry and Elder Emery
Weston South, Toronto, Ontario
Demo Day!!!!
We had the opportunity to meet with our investigator this week and follow up on her commitment to keep the Word of Wisdom. She said she has been and is now in the process of working off her smoking habit. She’s down from a pack a day (20) to only 5 cigarettes. We will be looking forward to her baptism on June 10th. Please pray for her.

We have also been working hard on our English class and we have quite a few people that come and are learning English at a rapid rate. We will be continuing to work with them and helping them learn. I enjoy helping them and they are so happy.
We had the opportunity to help a lady with some work around her house and demolish a patio for her that she wanted taken down. I got to kick down a wall, police style(click on video link above). We had some good fun with it and she was grateful that we were able to come and help her with that.

I had the opportunity to cook for some missionary investigators at a Family Home Evening at a members house. Everyone had a great time. The investigators were able to feel the Spirit there and not only were they fed physically but also spiritually. I feel that is was big success. The hamburgers came out great. Thanks for teaching me how to grill Dad. 

Things are good!

Love YOU and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Weston South
Weston Ward
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, May 21, 2018

P-Day #93 - Exchanges, Riding the Bus's and Skyping Home...

This week we have been riding the buses trying to talk with everyone. We have talked with a lot of people and it has brought some success.

I was able to go on a brief exchange as a third male for the Weston North Elders and we were able to teach one of their investigators the Law of Chastity. We were able teach the Word of Wisdom, which she readily accepted.

I have also had the opportunity to be a teacher in our English class and am now helping people who have just come into the country. They are really grateful we are helping them learn english.

And for the big Finale, I was able to talk to Mom, Dad and Megan, Matt and Benson. I found out…..Megan & Matt are going to have another BOY!

Overall, it’s been a great week.

Elder Perry
Weston South
Weston Ward
Canada Toronto Mission

Friday, May 11, 2018

P-Day #92 - Meeting President Ballard, So Long Elder Gutierrez & Transferred to Brampton, Ontario, Weston South...

I'll Miss You Greatly Owen Sound, Ontario....
This week was great and sorrowful...

We were able to see President Ballard and able to learn some great things from his visit. He is the Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I shook his hand and said thanks. We got to hear from President Ballard’s bodyguard. He used to be an FBI Agent and now is the Head of Security for the Church. I thought he was pretty cool to see. He is the one that puts the team's together for the Apostles.  I think it would be a good line of work and I think I could handle it. I have been in some of the craziest places where it makes downtown Portland at night look tame.

Elder Perry in the Back.....Again!
We had the opportunity to have our Zone Leaders come and exchange with us as a tri- companionship. He had some good insights on teaching and finding. We have been trying to find new people to teach and this week & we got a member referral for a man that was going through a rough point in his life. We were able to give him a book of Mormon and a Bible. He accepted them gratefully and we have been trying to meet with him regularly.

We had the opportunity to help a sister with some yard work and she was very happy that we were able to help her.

I have also been transferred to Brampton, Ontario into the Weston South Area. It’s a bus area so, no more car/SUV. I am looking forward to working there. I was previously in the Weston North Area so I know the lay of the land. I also want to check up on an investigator I knew that was in the Weston South Area. Hopefully their family is still there and learning the Gospel. I will be in a tri-companionship. I know one of my companions and he’s great…I don’t know the other…

Thanks for sending the new sunglasses. The weather is great and sunny, I use them all day long…

I have built great relationships in the Owen Sound Ward and will miss them terribly. I wish I could finish out my mission here, but the Lord has other plans for me. I’ll be ever grateful for my time in Owen Sound. Thanks to a very special family the Cepeda’s. They have been there for us missionaries in every way. Allowing us to do laundry, feeding us keeping us safe…. everything! I will miss them greatly! 

The Ceremonial "Killing Off" a Missionary as He Finishes his Mission...

Elder Gutierrez is going home....He has served honorably! I have been with him for over 12 weeks and I'll miss him, but his family will be waiting at the airport and I"m happy he is going to be with them! 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Yea, I’ll be able to SKYPE home. This will be my last SKYPE session as I return August 1st…In just 80 days. From what I understand this will be my last transfer...Till I am heading home... Bitter & Sweet. 

Love You and remember, I Pray for you every night and day.

Elder Perry
Weston Ward - South
Brampton Ontario Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Bonus Pics...
Elder Perry in His "Giving Service" Clothes...

Sunset from Owen Sound, Ontario

120 MPH Wind Storm...Fixing the Grid...

Elder Gutierrez and Elder Perry in Sugar Coma after eating Churros at the Cepeda's

Monday, May 7, 2018

P-Day #91 - Three Return Appointments, Elder Ballard is Coming and Helping Two Members of Parliament with their Family History...

This week we had the opportunity of meeting some people from our potential investigator list. We were able to talk with them and from a list that was over four-years-old and we were able to set two return appointments.

While it was raining, we were invited to get out of the rain by a nice lady on her porch. It was really nice to get out of the rain. We talked to her a while and she invited us back the following week. So, we have three return appointments this upcoming week and the Lord kept us dry!  Awesome!

We found out that Elder Ballard of the Twelve Apostles is coming to the mission.  Hopefully we will be able to see him and listen and be instructed by him.

We got our car switched out from the Zone Leaders and had District Meeting as well that day. It was good. We had our sports night this week and we had a lot of non-members come.  

The family history center had its open house. We were able to help people with their family history and even had two Members of Parliament come. That was very cool!

This week in our Ward Conference, the High Councilmen was reading the statistics. As he was reading the number of missionaries serving in our Ward, He said “One” and almost broke down because that one was his Son. I hadn’t thought of what parents go through when their child is on a mission. It must be hard. We miss home to....But it's worth Serving the Lord!

ELder Gutierrez is days away from going home. I'll miss him. He's what my Dad and I call a "Goodfella"....

Hope things there are going well.

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Bonus Pics...