Thursday, January 18, 2018

P-Day # 76 - It's COLD! Teaching Opportunities, and Sliding on the Ice & Snow....

Elder Perry, Selfie!

This week has been a slow week for us. In both terms of driving and in teaching.

Most of our investigators were sick this week due to a bad flu virus going around. We have a investigator that is ready for baptism but due to the flu we had to change the date.  Pray that he gets well and we can reschedule soon.  We have had bad road conditions getting from appointment to appointment. We’ve had lots of snow which melts some and refreezes…. more on the ice thing later. We have been able to get in contact with some potential investigators however, they didn't want to hear our message, so we have been trying to talk to everyone we see and stay warm at the same time. That’s not easy when it’s minus -20 Celsius.

Elder Perry, Sauble Beach
Owen Sound, Ontario

We did have the opportunity to visit a referral this week who was in the hospital. We had a very nice conversation. But he wasn't in a state where we could teach him much. He did seem to like the company though.

We slowly but surely have been meeting most of the Owen Sound Ward and we have been working on building a good relationship with them. We were able to help one of them move a freezer and help with their animals. 

We have been teaching a recent convert and answering questions that she has had, while shoveling her walk way, when we go visit. She has been going through The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and had questions about family history. We were able to explain that Elijah had come and that those keys needed for family history have been brought back to the earth once again. She was in awe and we feel like we could use one of President Monson's favorite sayings while driving back to Owen Sound, "We think we did some good today!"

Looks Cold, Ea'?

We were also able to watch the funeral of President Monson and learn from his life about dedicated service. Helping others is worth any sacrifice and taking the time to help and talk to others in the midst of a busy schedule can have long lasting effects. 

I was driving 25 MPH (Yes, it really was 25mph Mom -TIWI is my witness) and slid on some black ice out of know where and the car got put in the ditch. The car was perfectly fine though. We were truly blessed and Heavenly Father really does take care of his missionaries.  We tried to dig around it, but that car wasn't coming out without help. A family was just coming home for the day and they asked if we needed any help. They offered to call CAA (AAA for Canada) for us and have them pull us out of the ditch. We accepted and then they asked for our help in pushing their car that got stuck in their drive way up to their house. 

Pretty?...Pretty Slick!!!

We were able to share some basic things we believe with the family and got to leave a card with them. The CAA guy came and pulled the car out and we were able to teach him about families while he was pulling our car out he also took a pass along card. We were able to then continue on our journey and our car was perfectly fine. The Lord really loves us and we made the most out of our situation. We were thankful we got to teach.  

I can’t believe I’m starting to talk about coming home and going to BYU-I. My sister is helping me with the enrollment and housing while my parents are taking care of the financial aide called FASFA. My companion, Elder Stringham, took a semester at BYU-I before his mission, so I’ve also been picking his brain. Time is sure going by quick, What am I gonna' do now??  Missionary Work of Course...Still have time to WORK !!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound, Ontario
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Friday, January 12, 2018

P-Day #75 - Locked Out of Our Apartment, -30 Degrees Fahrenheit and a Baptism Commitment...

Elder Perry and Elder Stringham
Owen Sound Ward, Barrie Stake

This week has been one of getting to know the members of the ward. We have met with several families.

We were able to meet with one of our investigators here this week. Elder Stringham taught really well in the lesson and the Spirit was there. We thought it went great  We taught him the Restoration and committed him to baptism. He said yes, and we will be setting him with a baptismal date this week. We are pretty excited about that.

We also got locked out of our apartment because the key broke in the lock due to how cold it was with the wind chill. We waited for a couple of hours for word of getting a spare key from the landlord, but we found out that the earliest she could open our apartment for us was the next day. So, we stayed in the chapel for the night. We were able to get a spare key from the landlord and were able to get some spares made so that it wouldn't happen again. It was a good experience and we could only think to ourselves and count our blessings, only in the mission field would we be blessed to have a warm, dry place to go and no safer place than the chapel, the Lords building.

It's -30 degrees out there ....It's COLD!
I was also able to have my first district meeting of the transfer. We talked about Elder Pearson's teachings on having a vision, expanding the knowledge, understanding the message, gaining the skills and having the urgency to share the message with others.  I think it went very well, and we were able to get some input on what the district feels like they need to learn about. We will be able to teach them the things they are interested in within the coming weeks.

In Fast and Testimony Meeting, we also heard from a member in the middle of her testimony that she has a referral for us. That was cool! 

We’re thankful for the members here in the Owen Sound Ward. They keep us fed and are very good to us. It’s nice to know we can count on the members, if needed.

We had a busy morning. We went shopping, organized the cupboards, went to an army surplus store and found a knife for dirt cheap, went to Wendy’s and had some food and now we are emailing.

Great Week!

Remember, I Pray for you Every Night & Day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission  

Friday, January 5, 2018

P-Day # 74 - Transferred to Owen Sound, Getting Sick and Saying Goodbye...

Elder Perry, Elder DeVries and an Investigator
in Napanee, Ontario, Canada
This week we were making the final preparations to the Napanee Branch and making a plan to help push the Kingston District into a Stake. We came up with the plan that once the District gave us measurable goals to achieve, we would make plans to achieve those goals and would be working to maintain what we have gained. It’s just that we were waiting for the Branch goals this week so, that we could start the moving forward. Meanwhile we are working with our investigators. 

Elder Perry & Another Investigator...

I got sick this week. I like the American health care system better! Since it was New Years and no clinics or urgent cares were open, we waited in the E.R. for 8 hours… for a 5 min visit and got charged $880 dollars. Like Kurt Russell said in the movie Big Trouble, Little China… “What I say to a guy on a dark and stormy night…the check is in the mail!” 

Elder Perry and A Member Saying Goodbye...

We were also able to meet with our investigator this week. She has been busy with the holidays but is still excited to meet with the missionaries in Napanee this week.

A Very "Cold" Kingston Zone...

Then “SURPRISE!” just when the records are cleaned up and we have found all the members, I was transferred to The Barrie Stake, Owen Sound Ward. 
I have been able to meet some of the people here from the  new ward and they are super nice.  I think I will like it here and I will be able to help the ward a lot. I am also excited to help my district this transfer and help them grow too.

I am still a District Leader and I have a couple of new Sisters in my District. I also have Elder Bertagnolli who I served with in Hamilton and another Elder that is really cool. I am pretty excited about the transfer. I am with Elder Stringham as my companion and he is really cool. I think we will get along great.  

Kingston District Meeting

I was sad to leave Napanee. The members were sad too. We spent the last day on Monday packing because we had to leave Monday night and go to Toronto. I do know that there is a plan though, because when I was transferred, we stayed at another missionary’s apartment. While I was there, I got to talk to a missionary that was having a hard time adjusting to missionary life. He was from France and he was trying to learn English. We started talking in French and I was able to give him some advice about how to adjust better. He seemed to like it. He was a recent convert for only two years who then decided to go serve a mission. I think it helped him adjust a little better and I think it was nice for him to hear his own language again.

I think everyone is settling in right now so I will be calling them within the next couple days. I have to prepare a district meeting for Saturday so that should be fun. I am the District Leader for my area and two other areas.

The apartment is nice. I am finding out that the apartments are nice, it’s just missionaries that aren't on top of keeping them nice is the problem. So we will be cleaning this week. We have food in our cupboards and we had a dinner appointment last night, and pretty much one for every day this week. 

Bunny Punch - Tactical Pen

Thanks to my Uncle Troy for sending me a Bunny Punch - Tactical Pen for Christmas. It’s pretty cool. Made of solid steel and capable of breaking windows and bones. Just what a missionary needs to help set baptismal dates. Awesome! 

While on my transfer, I took a couple of pictures of the Temple here in Toronto. It’s very pretty at night, ea’?

Special shout out to Elder Erik DeVries. I'm gonna miss him and his funny sense of humor. I hope to work with him again. And thanks to his Mom for the Pajama Bottoms, Canadian Style! 

It's been a busy week. 

Remember I Love You & Pray For You Every Night & Day.

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, January 1, 2018

P-Day #73 - Live Nativity, SKYPE'ing Home for Christmas and Lots of Snow...

Live Nativity Helpers and Actors

This week has been a successful week for us.

We have been busy with helping put on a Live Nativity Pageant in Kingston. It was a fun experience being able to play an Inn Keeper and helping play a Stable Hand. We had a lot of people come and everyone was very thankful that we had helped to put it on. We also spent a lot of time helping keep the grounds cleared due to the massive amount of snow that had been dropped .We got an extra exercise workout with moving all the snow off the outdoor stage and as we did a guy came and helped moved all the snow we had shoveled out of the way where the people would stand. He only came over after we started singing Christmas Hymns and Christmas songs in the middle of the snowy weather. I thought it was fantastic. 

Elder Perry Thinking "Who Talked Me Into This???"

Funny story…We also had to fight the donkey at one point during the show. People thought that it was one of the funniest things that they had ever seen. You had Joseph, the Stable Hand and a Shepard…all pulling and pushing a donkey out of the stable. The donkey sliding side ways across the ice and snow,  finally gave in though and we didn't have any problems for the rest of the night with him. The fun of being a Inn Keeper and Missionary .

Kingston District Zone Conference

We had our Zone Conference which was really good with learning from the past and applying what we learn to the future.

Elder DeVries Photobombing My Skype Time Home!

On Monday, Christmas Day and SKYPE Day, I was supposed to Skype with Mom, Dad and Megan at 1PM their time. Unfortunately, there was a Missionary Momma, Sister Adamson (here) who was having trouble Face-Timing her Missionary in Mexico. Since she and her Missionary were on a later time zone, I gave my time to her and let my family know I could Skype 3 hours later. I proceeded to download Skype onto her computer, got it setup and got her on just in time.
Parents Note: Here is a Message Sister Adamson  randomly sent us…
“He really helped me today. My daughter's grandfather (ex-husband's stepfather) has been really sick but we were able to bring him from the hospital for the day, so it was a really emotional Christmas. When we started having technical difficulties with our connection he really helped calm me down. Thanks for raising such a good Young Man.!”

Thanks Sister DeVries for the PJ's!

Sister DeVries, my companion’s Mom, made us Pajama bottoms for Christmas. They are the BOMB! Canada pajama bottoms. My parents sent Elder DeVries and me t-shirts that have all the Marvel Super heroes gathered around with Jesus in the middle saying “And That’s How I Saved the World!” Great Presents!

Elder Perry, All Smiles...

I think I’m getting sick from all the cold weather. I feel terrible and my ears are starting to hurt. I’ve been just taking some Buckley's (motor oil tasting) cough syrup, but maybe I’ll call the medical officer of our Mission and have him refer me to the clinic. It might be our Branches fault. With the amount of sugar we have been having. The branch is trying to get rid of us by putting us in a diabetic coma. It’s their way of “loving us up”!  They take really good care of the missionaries here and they really appreciate what we do for the branch. They gave us 3 FULL baskets of food and we are stocked for a month for Christmas.  We have been really blessed.

We Got Some Snow Guess who gets to shovel?

Love You and remember I Pray for You every night & day!

Elder Perry

Napanee, Ontario Kingston District
Canada Toronto Mission 

Monday, December 18, 2017

P-Day # 72 - Exchanges, A Wild Birthday Party and Prepping for Smartphones...

Elder Perry - "We have 8 Inches of Snow!!!"

This week we have been working really hard on getting our area ready for our smartphones. We have been able to go through our list and they are ready to be put into the phones.

We were able to teach our investigators this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were enthusiastic about it and have been reading the Book of Mormon consistently. We are now working to have them come to church consistently and I think we will be able to set a baptismal date with them pretty soon.

We had a great lesson with one investigator and she had read 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon in two days. We were able to download the Gospel library app on her phone, so she would have all the scriptures on her phone. She said that she felt good about reading it and that it was a good book because she didn't fall asleep reading it.
Elder Perry - Selfie!!!

I also had exchanges with our Zone Leaders this week and I really liked it. We were able to have Missionary Coordination meeting with the Kingston Branch Ward Mission Leader. He was really nice and was really involved with the branches missionary efforts.

We were able to also meet with man who wanted to come to church. We answered some of his questions answered about why we go to church and why it was important to go. He made the commitment to come to church on Sunday so I am hoping he will come.

So, My AWESOME companion, Elder DeVries, gave me this Birthday card. You have to click on this and read it! It's Awesome!
What can I say, Elder DeVries is blast to work with!!!!
I have 2 exchanges, a Zone Conference and President Shields has us in a Live Nativity in Kingston, this upcoming week. That will be interesting. It will be busy, again!

BONUS VIDEO - How does Elder Perry feel about those who don't keep their areas records updated??? Click on this...

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Napanee Branch, Ontario
Kingston District

Canada Toronto Mission

Friday, December 15, 2017

P-Day # 71 - Awesome Nativity Exhibit, Playing the Piano and New T-Shirts...

Elder Perry Playing Piano at The Napanee Nativity Exhibit
Parents Note: Happy 20th Birthday Elder Perry! We Love You! Mom & Dad

This week, The Napanee Branch had our Annual Nativity Exhibit. Here are several Pictures... Click on the picture to make larger...

We have been setting up for this nativity event for over a week. We had a lot of visitors and we were very busy talking to them and answering their questions. I think it gave people a different perspective on who we are and what we believe. I was able to play the piano for a solid three hours while we were waiting for other musical guest to arrive. Some of the other musical numbers were really loud and so when they left, there was no one to play the piano but audio tapes and the tapes didn't do it any justice. I had to refresh myself on how to play from the Hymns Made Easy Book. I did notice the Lord guiding my fingers and it sounded good. I know I was blessed. I made a couple errors now and again, but overall, I know it helped invite the Spirit into the exhibit.  The members were really awesome, too. They were able to teach people about the Gospel as I sat and played. My companion Elder DeVries and I could hear members teaching the Restoration and "Bearing Testimonies" about its truthfulness. It was fantastic to see and really helped build trust between us, the members and the visitors. After getting the entire chapel ready for 3 days putting up all the nativity’s, it took two and a half hours to take them down.

We were able to sit down with our Branch President and move some records out of the branch. We were blessed to be able to bring our branch list from four pages down to two pages. Now we will be able to work with an accurate branch list.

Thanks for the Birthday/Christmas Shirts...They're Awesome!
We weren't able to meet with our main investigators this week because they were sick. A quick drop by we think helped let them know that we care about them. We were able to give one of them a large print Book of Mormon. He could read it much better and was very thankful. We will continue to seek new investigators and strengthen the branch here.

A Very Tired Elder Perry 

We talked with a potential investigator, but we really didn't talk much. He was very talkative. We didn't really have a chance to talk in the lesson, so we just sat and listened. He does video ministries and all we could do was look at each other thinking “where is your authority to do the laying on of hands?” Stay tuned for our next update...

We have been teaching the Addiction Recovery Program. This is a really interesting program. I'm thankful the Lord has this program in place. 

This has been our week doing the Lords work.

Love You Mom and Dad and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Napanee Branch, Ontario
Kingston District
Canada Toronto Mission

Thursday, December 7, 2017

P-Day #70 - Christmas Party, Nativity Displays and Marching in the Napanee Christmas Parade...

Elder Perry Helping A Member Fall a Tree!!!

This week has been a fantastic week for us.

We were able to do a church service in a retirement home about an hour away from Napanee. Our investigator that lives two hours away from Napanee came to that service. As we greeted all the retired members of the home, their faces brightened as we shook their hands and our investigator seemed to have liked the service, also. We were able to celebrate his birthday! I think that that was the best part of my day.

Elder Perry Playing it Cool!

We were able to have another investigator come to church this week. I was excited to see her there. She came a little early, so we were able to explain a little about what went on during Sacrament Meeting. We talked to her about Prophets and the Organization of the Church. She looked like she enjoyed the service and it made us happy that she was having a good time. We were also able to teach her the Restoration this week and she understood. She is awesome.

Elder Perry Gettin' Er' Done!

We were able to help set up a Nativity Float and march in the parade handing out flyers as we went by, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. The little kids would be happy when we would wave to them and they would wave back. At the last minute, the lights stopped working on our float.  We had no lights on our float but, it was good because one of our investigators husband could get really bad medical problems with all the lights. Apparently lots of lights and blinking lights causes seizures. He would have had to turn his head way from the floats, but when ours came by, he was able to see a blown up nativity on the back of a truck and look at our float so it all worked out. One of those Christmas Miracles!

Advertising the Nativity Display on Our Branch Float!

We had a Christmas Party and helped the branch set up for it. We were able to have our investigator, the one who came to church, come to the party. Her and her family had a great time. We think they had fun. During the Christmas party, they played a game where we all got little gifts. As the narrator said left or right, we had to pass the gifts to one another. We didn't expect to do anything with the gifts. We were just happy that our investigator came to the party and they were having a good time. But the branch wanted us to come anyway with something and my gift was a missionary approved movie night! YEA!

My Goodies from our Branch Christmas Party!

We have been setting up a Nativity Exhibit for the Town of Napanee. We have around 150 nativities that are on display. We converted our chapel into a display room. I will send pictures when it is all set up with the displays.

Setting-Up For The Nativity Displays...

We helped a member cut down a tree this week (see above pictures). The tree came up by the roots in a wind storm and blew over in an odd layout. He had a smaller chainsaw, but rented a bigger one because the tree was pretty big. Apparently, I was the “resident expert” to run “the big chainsaw” since I had so much experience doing all the wood cuts with our branch scouts (Thanks Bro. Jordan and The Vernonia Branch). I not only fell the tree, but cut the tree into big rounds. I thought it was pretty fun. I was a little scared because the tree got hung on another tree when I cut the bottom off. The tree was literally hanging in the air. We had to tie off a ladder and tie myself to the ladder to cut it down. It is a little nerve racking when the tree you cut the limb off of, shakes a little and you have a chain saw in your hand. But, all ended safely and well. We will be helping them load the wood sometime in the future.

My Wonderful Companion Elder DeVries, He's So Much Fun!

Love You Mom & Dad and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Napanee, Ontario
Kingston District
Canada Toronto Mission