Monday, April 16, 2018

P-Day #88 - A Good Week, Knocking on the Wrong Door and Going to the Temple...

This week we were able to work in the Walkerton area going through old potential investigators on our referral manager. We knocked on the door of an apartment to see if the person received the bible they requested. Turned out it was the wrong door but in talking to her, we told her about our message and she accepted a return appointment. We are hoping she will become a new investigator. 

We had the opportunity to go the temple this week and it was an amazing experience. It was nice to be able to go and feel the Spirit more strongly.

 We had the opportunity to put in a new set of stairs with a member. The stairs look great and the member was really happy that we were able to come and help him with it.

During that day we also was able to teach our recent convert about the Plan of Salvation and we were able to clarify the questions she had about it.

We are always grateful for the members (Especially the Cepeda's) who feed us, help care for us(especially laundry services) and allow us to help serve...We are VERY blessed missionaries. Time is going fast when your busy at work.

It’s been a good week!

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

P-Day #87 - Teaching a 5 Year Old, General Conference & Church History...

Hi Mom & Dad, 

This week was a week of contacting inactive members and working with our recent converts. And of course looking for the "One".

We were able to teach an inactive sister about the scriptures and prayer. We were able to teach her how, God can answer our prayers through the scriptures. He can also inspire us through our thoughts, feelings and memories. She seemed to enjoy our visit and I felt that we did some good in her life. The Spirit was there.

I had the opportunity to teach a five-year-old girl in between sessions of General Conference about prayer.  When we don't have the opportunity to pray out loud, we can say a prayer in our heart, and mind to our Heavenly Father. It also taught me about the simplicity of the Gospel, and how we can make it complicated or we can learn and apply the basic principle in our lives. When I teach, I find that I learn just as much as the person I am teaching. Even from a five-year-old.

I had the opportunity to teach some church history to a member who had forgotten some key points in church history. Namely the Angel Moroni and the Book of Mormon. After our discussion, she was excited to learn more church history. 

I heard a quote I liked the other day...
“There are no free bee’s! If you don't pay the price of success, you will pay the price of failure.”

Remember, I Love You & I Pray for you every night & Day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Sunday, April 1, 2018

P-Day #86 - Wood Cutting, Lots of Teaching and Giving a Talk over SKYPE....

This week I was blessed to be able to give a talk in a baptismal service over Skype for an investigator I had started teaching in Hamilton.  The service was great and the connection was perfect, also. It was amazing being able to participate in a baptism from another zone. Technology CAN be used for good and not evil!

During that same day, we also were able to help a member cut and load some firewood as well. They were grateful that we came to help and we were able to get enough wood cut for at least a week or so.

We have been working on going through old records and recontacting  some of the people that were mentioned on the records. Seeing to the Saviors work, we were blessed from this and were able to teach a man who was interested a couple of years ago in the Gospel.  As we talked, he mentioned that he was a Mennonite. We were able to teach him about Prophets and our General Conference coming up.  He seemed interested in it, so we are praying and  hoping that he will be watching it. 

Elder Perry in One of His Favorite Places...Cabela's

We had the opportunity to visit a member family for dinner and teach their children about the Holy Ghost and play a brief game of chess. Unfortunately, I lost at chess but helping the family feel the joy that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings and how the Spirit works with it, made it definitely worth it. The Spirit was better than the game of chess anyway.

We were able to meet with a less active family and teach them about the Spirit as well.  They enjoyed having us there and as we shared the message you could feel the Spirit there. 

I'll Take One of Each!

We will be continuing to work on finding new investigators in our area and inviting others to "come unto Christ".

Remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Love You,

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Guess What I'm Thinking, Dad???

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

P-Day # 85 - Giving Blessings, Being a Witness and Still Looking for the One....

Zone Conference
This week we were able to visit some potential investigators we found while finishing up records. We have been trying to find new investigators and will continue to try.

We have been able to work with our recent converts this week and have been working on teaching them the new convert lessons. It’s really awesome because they have continued to read and pray about the scriptures and attend church so they still remember what was taught. They are doing very well.

Elder Perry in a House with no Roof...

We were able to help the Guelph Sisters this week with their baptism because they needed witnesses. We also brought the clothing, too. The man was so excited to get baptized, he had a hard time waiting for the prayer to be said. He was really happy that all the missionaries were there and we got to sing a musical number in sacrament meeting as well. We will start working with him next transfer in teaching the new member lessons.

Elder Perry and Elder Gutierrez....NO TRANSFERS FOR US!

We were able to visit a member in the hospital this week. He was not doing too well but he was really happy we were there and he loved his friend relating stories about him and their adventures (his friend related them because he couldn't talk very much). I felt happy that we were able to help him in a small way be happier about his situation.

We were able to give two blessings today. The Power of the Priesthood is real. 

It was good that we were able to help this week in small ways.

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Sunday, March 18, 2018

P-Day # 84 - Indian Falls, Teaching a Few Investigators & Using Facebook for Good, Not Evil...

This week we finally got our area book for Owen Sound done and we have begun to use it as we go from city to city. We have been able to try and meet with some people from our potential investigators pool.

We had a lesson with a man who has been investigating the church for a while and we think the lesson went well. We answered his questions and he was happy we did.

Elder Perry at Indian Falls, Ontario

We were able to teach two of our recent converts this week. One we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can keep working in his life. The other we were able to talk to her about the Godhead and how to recognize who its referring too when the scriptures says the word “God”.

We had an appointment with a man who is still on the fence whether he wants to join the church. He started talking about anti-Mormon material and about the things that happen in the temple, it was a rough lesson.

Elder Perry Helping Out in a Talent Show

We, also, have been using Facebook effectively and I am finally learning how to use it. I didn't really use Facebook before my mission, so it’s really cool to start sending quotes and messages out. We will be continuing to find new ways to use Facebook and will be looking forward to helping others come to Christ.

We had sports night with members of the ward and we found some combat sticks where you have to balance on a board and knock the other person off of the board. I won against everybody which was fun for me. Everyone did have a good time.
A Photo of a Baptism from a while ago....
With Elder Stringham

Love You Mom and Dad and remember, I Pray for you every night & Day!
Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, March 5, 2018

P-Day #83 - Exchanges, an Anonymous Candy Box and Another Moving Party...

This week has been a rough one for us.

We had our last investigator call us this week and he told us that he didn't want to meet with us. He said that he was only meeting with us at the time to please his girlfriend. We let him know that he is always welcome to the chapel and to attend services and he could meet with us again whenever he felt that he wanted too.  It’s rough sometimes when people don't make the best choices, but that is the whole purpose of the Plan of Salvation, to come to earth, make choices & learn by our own experience, good from evil.

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with our District Leader. We were able teach a lady who had some concerns about the Word of Wisdom. The Elders will be working with her and seeing if they can help her in the future.

I was able to help with a move in their area as well. We were able to get the heavy stuff out of the house before we had to exchange back. I'm still feeling the effects, a little sore.

While on exchanges, we had dinner with a member who was an avid Air Soft fan and he brought out all his guns and showed them to us. I think he was excited to show them to us and we were excited to see them. We had a good time in their home.

We were able to make another large dent in our records and we are coordinating with the Sisters in Guelph, also known as The Royal City, to prepare for their investigators for their baptism coming up.

We finally found out who sent me a box with cinnamon candy inside. My sister Megan, saw a post on Facebook. A lady wanted to send anonymous boxes of candy to Mormon Missionaries. Megan sent her our mission home address. I thought my parents sent it, but just found out today it was this kind, anonymous lady. Thank You so much!

This weeks’ pictures are from Tobermory, a harbor village on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario and Lion’s Head Park.

We're working really hard to find the one...

Love You and remember, I pray for you every night & day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

P-Day #82 - The Lady on the Dock, Finding Old Records to Enter and Lots of Pics...

This week, we have been working on our records.

We thought we were done entering our records into the Area Book Planner APP, then we found a hidden stack of teaching records. So, we have been working on going through that stack and entering them into the app.


We have been working on contacting potential investigators in our area and in the Walkerton Branch area that we now cover. We have been able to make some good progress in both areas and have been updating the app the best we can.

We were able to help teach a man about the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. He is going to be baptized in the coming weeks. He seemed to understand and he said he did. It was good that we were able to help him in the process and I think it will be an awesome opportunity for the Sisters who have been teaching him.

We weren't able to meet with our investigator this week, due to illness, but we will be contacting him and checking up on him this week.

We were able to talk with a lady on the dock of a harbor. We were able to work over in the outskirts of our area and she had been searching for the “true church”. We told her about what we teach but, she wasn't interested. We were able to share a card with her which she seemed to appreciate. Sometimes we just plant a seed or two.

Elder Gutierrez and I have been visiting a few vista’s and overlooks on our p-day. I’ll include a few pics we’ve taken…

Things are good! Sharing the Lords Message Daily...

Love You, Mom and Dad, and remember, I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Owen Sound Ward
Barrie Stake
Canada Toronto Mission