Friday, June 23, 2017

P-Day #46 - Climbing Dundas Peak, Using my French(Gift of Tongues) and Praying for Investigators...

Elder Perry on P-Day
Dundas Peak, Hamilton, Ontario

This week has been a good week for us.

We have been focusing on finding new investigators and helping them progress in the Gospel. Before we left the apartment, we prayed that we would find a new investigator, and that if we didn't, it would not be because we didn't open our mouths and try.

Elder Perry and Elder Kaku in back
Zone Leaders and Chinese Speaking Elders in front

As we were walking down the street, we had a car pull over to the side and ask if we were missionaries. We explained that we were and as he spoke we couldn't understand the accent very well. I asked him in French if he spoke French and he said that he did. He explained that he was from Quebec and that he had met with the missionaries before. He was being prepared for baptism but because of some things in his life he was not able to do so at that time and the language barrier was also a challenge in learning. I explained that we could give him a French copy of the Book of Mormon and also teach him in French, if he liked. He agreed and we now have an appointment with him to teach him the missionary lessons in French. The Gift of tongues is real because there is no other way that I could have had that conversation, with him, without it.

P-Days are AWESOME!
We also earlier in the week found a family that spoke very little English, but spoke a lot of French and we will continue to try and meet with them. We also got a chance to talk to a man sitting on a park bench and as we talked he said that he would like to learn more so will set up a time to meet and will be meeting with him this week. We have been working on finding people and we found this family that spoke French, so we have been working on trying to meet with them.

We also got to talk to a guy who believed in the Law of Moses and how the Law of Moses was not fulfilled and kept quoting the Old Testament. He said “I bet you hope you never met me”! He was funny, we wished him well and pressed on…  

How Do I Look Mom?

We took a hike to Dundas Peak. We didn't have a whole lot of time to hike it, so we had to run it. 1.5 k of running and walking. I'm getting in pretty good shape, ea'?(I've got that Canadian ea' thing down!)

Myself and My Companion Elder Kaku 
from Camp Coast, Ghana, Africa

We helped a family move from the ward and they had lot of heavy things. We have a girl we meet with that is graduating and has anxiety about doing well on test. I was able to give her techniques that would help her and I think I have gotten her hooked on Paul Cardell, the Pianist.

Pretty Huh?
Otherwise we are doing well. We have been working hard putting out fires and trying to do some missionary work along the way and comfort those who stand in need.
It’s a little hard on p-days because they don't even give us a full day to get everything done because they cut our p-day off at 6:00PM.

I Love You and Pray for you Every Night and Day.

Elder Perry
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission 

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