Tuesday, January 3, 2017

P- Day # 22 – Nerf Guns, Teaching in French & Lots of Investigators !!!

This week has been an awesome week for us. 

We have been able to find 8 new investigators with appointments. We have some of our appointments in apartment buildings with locks on the doors, so we have to wait until someone is walking through to enter the building. Generally, people are nice and let us in. We have been talking to everyone we see and made appointments with some. We met this one guy who was just sitting in a car listening to music. We talked to him about eternal families and he sounded interested and was willing to let us come and teach him about our message. 

The weather has been rainy here, but warm. It is nice, which makes for good walking weather. We saw a former investigator yesterday and as we started talking, she explained that in the previous lessons, the missionaries would teach her through a member and the member would be the translator.  She spoke French and I was the only one who could speak French so, with Heavenly Fathers Help, I taught the lesson by myself. The spirit was there! I got to just sit and visit with her and she committed to read the scriptures. I thought that was cool and fun.

Some of our appointments fell through but in the course of traveling from one place to another, we are always able to share the gospel with someone and always able to help someone in the process. 

We traveled to an appointment and found a lady who was moving couches and a chair in boxes. We asked if she needed help, and she said OK. So, my companions and I just pushed the boxes down the hall and over to her apartment. She looked at us with a surprised look on her face after we were done and she spoke Spanish. So, we gave her name to the Spanish Sisters in the area. 

I got compared to Donald Trump this week. I thought was cool and funny at the same time. We were talking to a guy who was anti-American and he used me as an example like Donald Trump. Vote for me…President Perry…. for days!  

I have actually been teaching Elder Monson French. It’s fun to teach him and we have jokes that we can say in French. He’s picking it up pretty quickly.

The bus system up here has monthly passes. We are in a bus area, so we have no cars and our area is just too big without buses. I really like riding buses and we talk to quite a few people on them. The buses are warm and they are a great way to find people to teach and set up appointments.  

My shoes are holding up, my feet, not so much. My feet are not used to walking such long distances, so I have a couple blisters on my feet. # MissionaryLife

The members are feeding us and treating us very well here.

I really like my companions. Elder Monson is doing great with his French. He’s working on his pronunciation just like I had to work on. Elder Strong is just a cool guy. We talk about superheroes and shoot each other with Nerf Guns (awesome Christmas present from Uncle Troy). He's our district leader, so we joke with the other missionaries in the district as he makes calls with them.  We just have fun being missionaries but we work really hard, too. Elder Monson and I had a “dance off” in front of the Sister Missionaries in our district. Elder Monson won. We were waiting for Elder Strong to complete a baptism interview.

I love you both so much. I hope your week goes good and I will talk to you next week. 

Don't worry about me because as Huey Lewis and the News says, "It’s alright, have a good time, cause it’s alright". Dad should like that oldies reference.

I Love You and pray for you every night.

Elder Jacob Perry
Weston North Area
Canada Toronto Mission 

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