Tuesday, January 10, 2017

P-Day # 23 – Great Investigators, Riding the Toronto Subway & Popping Blisters...

I am doing good. The End.

How did you like that email. Ha-ha

This week has been good. Most people say that this is how missionary blogs are supposed to start out and that I should avoid the one liners. We have had great things happen.

Elder Perry on a Subway Ride in
Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We were looking through our former investigators list and we felt inspired to call a certain lady to see if we could set an appointment with her. We called and found out that her mom was actually in the hospital. We asked if we could come by and she said yes. We went to the hospital and just talked about God and how he helps our lives. The mother called us her friends even though this was the first time that we had met her, which was awesome. Even from her hospital bed, she still praised God and knew that this trial would be for her benefit. Her daughter was the one on the teaching record and she said that we called at the right time and it was great that we came. The mother has been released from the hospital and we are now teaching her and her mother.

We have had a lot of appointments that fell through but it has given us the opportunity to contact the buildings and areas around our appointments. 

This week, we had an appointment not show up in the apartment building, so we felt impressed to go to the top floor. We knocked on only one door and explained who we were and what our message was. We asked if we could come in. The man said “yes” no questions asked. We taught him the first lesson and got a return appointment with him. When you have the spirit with you, it really makes a big difference. 

We taught a French lady and her son is mentally impaired and so he has the mind of a five year old but he has the body of a 17 year old. She said that she wants her son to come to church before she does. It was a really funny experience. The son who has mental problems, threw pieces of bread at her earlier in the day. We did the best we could, and left them with a good, warm message.

Wahlburgers in Downtown Toronto

Really, we haven't had any bad experiences. The people around here are nice generally and even when they don't want to listen they just put ear buds in, so it’s all good.

We have been busy on the go. We went into downtown Toronto on our last P-day and I got to ride the subway for the first time, it was fun…

I don’t have many pictures because we are very busy and I don't have any time to sit and take any. We are going all the time. They say that your mission goes by fast and that’s because you are always moving fast!

I have learned that people make their own choices. At a Zone Conference this week, I gave an instruction on how we need to do all we can… but when people don't take what you are giving, they are just exercising their agency.

My feet are better. I had to pop a blister the other day and it has healed and the skin around it is stronger, kind of a metaphor for life ea’?

We are getting haircuts today and, yes Mom, I’ll have a professional do this one and I won’t try to do it myself. ha-ha
Things are well and I am well. I miss You and pray for you every night!


Elder Perry
Canada Toronto Mission  

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