Monday, January 23, 2017

P-Day #25 - The Hot Sauce Incident, Great Companions and Finding my Glasses!!!

Elder Perry, Real-Time Photo on P-Day
Wow, what a great week. We’ve been super busy and trying to make all our bus switches has been quite a task. Lots of planning goes into our day.

We had an investigator say that she wasn't going to come to church and after we talked with her and hung up the phone, the spirit said to her “go to church”! So, she did and surprised us! What a great surprise!

This is my original tag from the MTC. You try to wear it for as long as you can, but I may need to get a new one sometime.
We also went to a baby shower and we ate some food. It was for a Sister in the Spanish Ward. The guy asked Elder Monson if he would like some chili. He brought over a little bowl of this sauce and Elder Monson started eating it by the spoon full. It was “Very Hot Homemade Hot Sauce” and Elder Monson started tearing up and his face got all red and looked like he was crying. I started laughing because I thought the mix up was funny. Then he then tried to laugh because I was laughing and we all just busted up. We had a fun time.

I really like Elder Strong and Elder Monson. They are VERY good fella’s. Their Mom’s and Dad’s should be proud as I know they are!

Elder Perry saying.... "Check Me Out!!!"

You know I lost my glasses about 3 1/2 months ago, right? We contacted the Zone Leaders up in Sudbury and they had found my glasses, but didn’t know who they belonged to. They mailed them to the mission office and then my Zone Leaders picked them up and gave them to me. 

Here’s a funny story… I was walking out of the bus and this lady said “Bye Satan”. I walked away and I just couldn't stop laughing. Someone else may have been offended, but as one of Gods Army, I just turned my other cheek and chuckled. I figured she had issues and maybe tomorrow she’ll start talking to us in the bus.

I have been teaching an investigator in French. Also, I have been setting up appointments in French, so I am still keeping up on the language.

Elder Perry in his Penguin Hat

So, you asked what my area is like…. If you want to see what my areas like just go to downtown Portland. It’s very similar. I used to be very apprehensive about the “Big City” and its people, but it’s growing on me!

One last experience this week. At Zone Conference, we played “Kill Ball” which is like dodgeball but with no sides and a free for all. I would recommend it as a young men activity, it’s really good!

Well, this is my week in a nutshell!

I Love You and Pray for You Every Night!

Elder Perry
Weston North
Canada Toronto Mission

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