Monday, January 16, 2017

P-Day #24 - Being Very Busy, Teaching A Lot and Parents Who Find Pictures on My Google Drive....

Zone Conference, Elder Perry in Upper Right

This week has been really a good week for us. 

I know why some missionaries sleep for two days after their missions, we are constantly on the go and busy! We are super busy and we have had to plan in-depth to make all of our appointments and to make sure we have time to even eat, but we are making it work! It’s a really good problem to have, so I can't complain at that.

We managed to find a couple of new people this week. We have been working hard on trying to meet up with people that we have already met and to find new people when those appointments fall through. We have 6 investigators we are working with and a couple with first lessons coming up. We need to set some dates with them and see where they are at on keeping commitments.

Elder Perry with his Companion
Elder Thompson (Left)
We had a pass off lesson with an investigator named Josie, she is fun and she seems to be understanding the gospel a lot better. When we first met her, she was really in touch with the spirit and the gospel. When I started teaching her (because she only speaks French), she shared how she didn't even watch TV that day and she had just read the Book of Mormon… all day and wrote down questions to ask us. That was really cool!  She always worries about us and is always willing to buy things we need, but we just tell her that we are doing fine. She wasn't able to come to church because of health, but we will keep working on her.

We have another investigator who is progressing well. She understands our message, but due to work schedules, she can only meet once a week on Sundays. We are hopeful she will come to church. 

Elder Perry and Crew at the MTC

We have been receiving a lot of referrals for bibles and so that gives us the opportunity to share a bible and a Book of Mormon, if they choose. We have been able to turn a lot of these referrals into appointments and even when the person doesn't answer the door, we are always able to talk to somebody. 

The Lord really does put us at the right place at the right time. We went to go see a person we had talked to earlier in the day and she wasn't home. We had traveled a long way to come back and we saw a lady and her kids just standing outside. I decided that maybe that's why we were here, not to talk to this one lady at the door but to talk to this other lady standing outside her door. We talked with her and we set a return appointment with her. 

Elder Perry at the MTC..."In Your Face!"

My French is improving and I am able to make appointments with French speaking people. I am able to address their concerns. I also setup quite a few appointments in French on the phone. We had Ward Council this week and we are trying to get them to focus on missionary work. We had a Passover lesson, and since I speak French, I am teaching all the people in the area who speak French. They say that there are lots of French people here, but we have found only a few of them, but we will keep looking and contacting people. Sometimes French speaking people just cross our path. The Lord prepares people and then he sends them our way.

It is amazing that my companions and I are always on the same page. We teach really well together and we push each other to be better in some way.

Show the picture of the cereal to Grandpa and Grandma. They will understand the inside joke! 

Elder Jacob Perry with a Professional Hair Cut
I had a professional cut. It feels like it should. 

I Love You and Pray for You Every Night!

Elder Perry
Weston North
Canada Toronto Mission

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