Tuesday, December 27, 2016

P-Day # 21 - Transferred to Weston North, Wonderful New Companions and SKYPE'ing on Christmas

Hi Mom and Dad…

Elder Jacob "JP" Perry....Looking Good!

WOW, lots of things have happened to me since my last P-Day Letter.

We had Zone Conference and I got transferred this week to Weston North Area. Weston is a suburb of Toronto, ON, so I am down south now. I am now with new elders.

Elder Monson(right) is from Alpine, Utah…and yes, he is the Grand Nephew to President Monson. Elder Strong(left) is our District Leader and from Alberta, Canada.

Snow in Val-d'Or, Quebec....COLD!

The weather is much milder here compared with Val-d’Or, QC. We have a really good view of the Toronto CN Tower and the people here are open to talking about religion…BONUS!

Elder Perry in One of His Selfies!

I am in a bus area and I’m finding out that a lot can happen with bus travels. It’s really fun to contact people on the bus because they can't run away until it stops. We talked to one guy about hockey and just sports in general. We gave him a pass along card.

Elder Perry and His Mom Love Little House on the Prairie!

Last night we had a quick exchange and I went to the south side of Weston. We had a dinner appointment with a lady from Nigeria. She is a recent convert and we taught the commandments. She was very nice.

We found out that even when you sprint to the bus sometimes you are just not fast enough and when the doors shut they don't reopen… even when you are standing just outside the bus looking at the bus driver. That's the city life, I guess. We got a lot of rain here which reminded me of Oregon. We also walked in the rain so we got our clothes pretty wet. You know that your coat is wet when you stand inside the elevator and your pants and coat are dripping water on the floor and the creases of the coat on your arm has little puddles dripping onto the floor every time you move your arm. We did some contacting of less actives and in the course of trying to find one, we talked to a guy named Anthony. He said that he wanted to know more so, we set a return appointment with him.

Super Elder....

We had Christmas and got to Skype our families so that was really fun and it was nice to speak with family face to face. I am realizing why missionaries are known to gain weight on their missions. On Christmas, we got a whole Christmas dinner and ,a huge pizza and we still had dinner appointments. We have had a lot of dinner appointments within the past couple of days with a lot of food at each one. The members here are fantastic here in Weston North and not just because of the appointments. They help us with referrals and help us find people to teach.

I am finding out that Toronto is a very diverse place. We talked to a couple of people from Nigeria and a couple of people from Hungary. English is mostly their second language so, they speak broken to us but they still understand enough to know what we are teaching about.

Grandma, Grandpa and Mom, Thank You for the Christmas Tree in the box that Mom sent. I thought it was fun to put it up and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas was a good day for us because the computers were working great. We had no problem with Skype and I got to talk to Mom, Dad, Megan, Matt and Benson.
Often times, I am riding the bus and remember the conventions Grandpa and I went to at the Car Show’s and with the Toy Trains. Thank you for those memories because they help me just realize why I am here. The gospel has made our family close and it reminds me that I can help other families become close also.

Fire in Rouyn-Noranda before we left for Zone Conference. A restaurant caught fire. We got to see it from beginning to end.

What a GREAT WEEK! I am thankful to be where I am and Thankful I am able to serve a mission here. I am especially grateful for my companions Elder Strong and Elder Monson. They are great guys and I’m learning a lot from them.

I pray for you every night and am thankful for technology this week with SKYPE!


Elder Perry
Weston North Area
Canada Toronto Mission

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  1. It's funny that Toronto is "down south" for his mission! What awesome experiences he's having. I love reading his weekly updates!