Monday, December 12, 2016

P- Day # 19 - Branch Christmas Dinner, Being a Senior Missionary and Sleeping at the Church....

Our Tree in the Mission Apartment

Hi Mom and Dad,

This week was an OK week. We didn't get very much done in the way of missionary work because it’s really cold and when we contact people, they don't say hi back to start a conversation. We did go to a college club fair and supported one of our investigators and looked at the different clubs. That was pretty fun and reminded me of my senior project board that I did.

Elder Tuahivaatetonohiti or Elder “T” for short is going home this week so Elder Feth took him down to North Bay. We had transfers and I am now back in Rouyn-Noranda for the next 7 weeks with Elder Tatauru. He is from Tahiti and speaks French. He is cool and I like him and am looking forward to getting to know him better. I am now the Senior Elder in my area. Elder Feth is picking up a “Greenie” and they will be in Val-d’Or for the next 7 weeks until Elder Feth goes home. I don't know what President Shields is going to do when Elder Feth leaves. If we are in a tri-companionship, then probably one of the areas will be closed and it would probably be Rouyn and we would all stay in Val-d’Or. Maybe President Shields can find another French speaking Elder.

Today and tomorrow we will pack up our things and go back to Rouyn. We have an appointment on Wednesday and then on Thursday we will have to get winter tires for the New Toyota Rav-4. Another round of dealing with tires.  I just did this two weeks ago.  Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

On Christmas Day, I will use SKYPE to Video-Chat with you. We have a computer here that will have SKYPE on it. I will e-mail you on Christmas when we are ready. We got a new camera and I will have to install it on the computer. 

I got Sister Westerns Christmas card today. That was so nice of her and Brother Western to think of me!

Goodie Table at our Branch Christmas Dinner

We had a Branch Christmas dinner and we had a lot of food. I could actually have conversations with people and talk about random things. Heavenly father blessed me with the Gift of Tongues, so I had a lot of fun!

Cleaning Up after the Branch Christmas Dinner

We have been trying to look for people to shovel the snow but the problem is they all have little snow blowers and beat us to it. I’m kind of sorry they beat us to the punch, but not really sad. Next time, I’m going to learn how to use the snow blower. I can tell it’s going to be tough for winter because people don't like to talk to the missionaries in general let alone in -20c.

The past couple of days, the other elders were doing last minute things with Elder T, so I slept in the church building on chairs that I made into a bed I have been running on 4 hours’ worth of sleep and it has caught up to me. I have a feeling this winter we will be inside for a long time because of the cold. People say it looks like it will be a bad winter.

Elder Jacob "JP" Perry on P-Day #19 12/12/2016

Not much else is going on here. We just keep on, keeping on. People, I think, have a misconception of missionary work. They believe that it will be hard… yes! But for the most part sunshine and rainbows. This is very wrong. Missionary work is like crab fishing in the Bearing Sea on a long grind. Every now and then you find a good spot for crab (or investigators). You just have to be willing to go through the grind to find them.

I will try to buy some Thermal Underwear this week. President said that probably at -30c we could call it and stay inside so we will use caution.

Have a Great Week and Know that I pray for you Every Night...Love You!

Elder Perry
Abitibi Branch
Canada Toronto Mission

Parents Bonus Note... 
On Thursday Jacob will be 19 Years Old 12/15/2016. How time flies... We want to wish our missionary a Happy Birthday. He has been such a blessing to our lives and we hope Canada loves him as much as we do. Happy Birthday Elder Perry

Elder Perry - Same Place - Primary and Just Before He left on a Mission

Jacob and His Dad Steve in New Suits - 2005
Jacob at 8 Years Old....Happy Boy in the Snow...
Jacob On his Suzuki 90 - 2003

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