Friday, August 26, 2016

P-Day #4 - Spiritual Concert, New Canada Tee Shirt and Spiritual War Training....

Hey Mom and Dad,

I just got back from the temple doing initiatory's today.
Elder Perry in a Selfie.....on P-Day!
This week has been very busy. We had Nashville tribute band come and do a concert for us. We also got to sing in the choir and sing along with their songs. It was such a spiritual experience. You should look up “The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved to Do". I didn’t realize how true that song was and how much I will miss being a missionary when I get home. Here is the list of songs they sang and you can look them up on YouTube;
1 - Children Go Where I Send Thee
2 - The Rising
3 - Candle
4 - American Dreams
5 - Brother I Will Follow You
6 - Stronger
7 - I was Born, John's Song
8 - When the Son of Man Comes Again
9 - The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved to Do
The Spirit was Strong and I loved it. I even got an autograph and got to shake hands with one of the band members.

We had a Devotional from Juan Auceda of the Seventy, originally from Peru. He gave a great talk on an investigators point of view in conversion to the gospel and his own conversion story. He talked about how to not teach investigators but to act with investigators beyond teaching them. Some elder fell asleep in the stand because we all get up at 6:30 to start our day. haha

Elder Symes leaves on Tuesday for his mission so the only person that I really know from home in the French District will be gone. # sad days.

We have been busy with the language study and I am starting to get better and better at saying things in my discussions. We hosted again this week for new Elders arriving at the MTC and I am always amazed to see what happens with the families after the elder walks away from the car. They all just sit… and stare. Then they have the look on their face of well what do I do now that he is gone? They then get in the car and drive away. I like hosting and I hope we get to do it again but its ok if I don't because the bags are very heavy after you carry them up four flights of stairs.

Elder Perry and Elder Thompson Modeling Their
Canada Toronto Mission Tee Shirts

We taught real members of the church in French and they somewhat understood what we were saying but the catch was is that we taught them five minutes after I had just got done hosting five new missionaries, as I'm covered in sweat I walk through the front door and before I have to teach. I go into the bathroom, wipe off my face and then walk in to teach. The spirit was there and I think up to that point, that was the best amount of teaching we did in French. The gift of tongues is real and Heavenly Father provides the means to accomplish his work.

We were able to see the 2 videos that are shown only at the Priesthood Restoration Site and the Peter Whitmer Farm. The President got special permission to show them because he wanted us to have a strong testimony of what we are teaching about. They are fantastic Videos, so good!
Elder Perry....Check Me Out! What's Not to Love!

I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa over e-mail. I think they sent it, but I'm guessing someone else helped them. Grandpa made sure to tell me about the fish stocking schedule so I could drool at the thought of catching my limit and catching a few trophies. Thanks that's awesome, Grandpa.

We heard the BYU football game going last night and the crowds cheering for BYU. We realized how close we were but how far away we are here. The MTC is this bubble of preparation and barrier for the influence of the outside world.  Our time is going by so fast here and we realize that we leave in about two weeks. I am excited and nervous for the new stage of my mission.

I was talking with the other missionaries on how this is a spiritual war and this is the boot camp where we train to combat the enemy. I like it here! The guys here are nice and we always make sure to have fun with what we are doing.

Let Grandma and Grandpa know that I got their e-mail and will write back as soon as I can.
This is what P-Day is All About......After Chores....

P-Days are very busy and there are a lot of things to be done. My companion and I always seem to be the first ones to teach lessons in our mock investigator lessons. Why I don't know, but one time Elder Thompson raised his eyebrows and that was the deciding factor, so every time they are choosing, I always tell Elder Thompson “Don't raise your eyebrows” but it doesn't work half the time and we teach anyway. I will say Elder Thompson and I get along great, in fact,  I would not want anyone else to be my companion. I know we’ll have to go thru transfers sometime, but everything with us is working out VERY well as companions.

I was able to share my sewing skills because an elder had ripped his shirt and didn't know how to sew very well.  So, I fixed his shirt and had his pocket back on in 5 min flat.

By the way, I am actually getting in shape. I bike seven miles every day according to the distance indicator on the machines. It’s a good feeling after you work out!

That is about all I really have this week. I still study and I still eat at the same time every day.

Know that I Love You and think about you often. I pray for you every night.

with Love, Your Epic Baby Missionary,

Elder Perry
Canada Toronto Mission  

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  1. Love it!!! 😍 You taught him som good skills mom! A missionary that can see! Wow! He sounds very happy, and I know he will be a great servant of our Lord.❤️
    Sister Levesque