Monday, August 22, 2016

P Day # 3 - Singing in the MTC Choir and Hosting 

I am doing good. Our week has been very busy with language learning, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I was able to teach most of our mock discussions in French it was cool. We have been just studying the language. Our teacher is nice and he always gives us a spiritual lesson. I just got back from the temple and eating in the cafeteria there. They always have good food and working in the laundry isn't a bad gig! 

BTW, thanks for sending the cinnamon roll and treats from . It was awesome. I almost regret eating the whole thing!

We saw Bonnie L. Oscarson for our devotional speaker. It wasn’t Jeffery R Holland like we heard it may be, but her talk was very good.

As for me and my companion, we are getting along great, we have little hiccup’s, like sticking together in crowds and stuff, but we worked it out and we are doing great!

You asked about my schedule…. Well I get up and exercise for around an hour or so. BTW, my suit pants are getting bigger (or I’m getting smaller) which is awesome! Then I eat breakfast. The other day we had breakfast burritos, but they weren’t dad’s burritos, but they worked. Then we have class for three hours and try to learn the language. We then have lunch and then it’s back to class for three hours. We then eat dinner and then have personal companion and language study till 9:30. Then we go back to the residence, get ready for bed and get things done for tomorrow. It’s kind of like “Ground Hog Day”, the movie… but it’s a good Ground Hog Day.
My District received some treats from a Mom, Thanks Mom's!

My health is good.  I am over my cold and now get to watch others catch it. It’s been going around. It’s the “Ricky Crud” like Dad explained that went around during boot camp. Everyone brings their germs from everywhere and everyone catches what they haven’t had. It’s kind of an “MTC petri dish”.
I have been able to host at the MTC and been the guy that reassures mothers that their son will be ok and not die. We have been selected to do it again on Wednesday for the second week in a row. Unfortunately, the bags are VERY heavy and it seems that all the people that come in are on the top floor of every building. Murphy’s Law! Some Elders are broken up about leaving home, others are excited and others are cool and collected. Almost all moms are broken up and emotional…. A lot of emotional good byes.

Elder Perry, The Most Handsome Missionary Alive.....
No, I don’t think I need anything. I think my MTC companion Elder Thompson and I will be traveling together as a companionship because, as far as I can tell, we are the only French speakers going to Toronto Canada.

Let Grandma and Grandpa know I got their letter and I will write back. Ask them if they are getting my letters?
Tell Megan, “Happy Birthday and sorry I missed it”. Maybe in two years I will give her a call. haha. I think Megan will be fine in her new house. I hear it’s quite a house…. 4 stories… sorry I wasn’t there to help move. Must have been a big job.
We sing in the choir here and it is the coolest thing watching over a thousand missionaries sing Joesph Smiths First Prayer and Praise to the Man. I have also seen more general authorities here than I have anywhere else.

I will try to get more pictures of me and will upload the ones I have. I am starting to forget how long I have been here. I am doing laundry, yea…. That’s right! I’m glad my mother taught me how to do laundry. Also, my shirts from did fit and I will be washing and ironing them later today.

I am loving the spirit here… and yes the girls are cute but I am a missionary and can't think like that. We have this thing were when a missionary seems to like a girl and he is talking to her, we flash the number 3 sign twice with our fingers because in the missionary handbook, that is the section on flirting! Hahaha

I like the work. Teaching investigators is the best thing you can do and watching that light shine in their eyes is an awesome experience.I’m excited about the next phase. I think it will be new and am looking forward to it. If you get a chance look up the video “Willing to Accept Correction from D. Todd Christofferson, it’s really good! Maybe you will find the MTC devotional from Bonney L.  Oscarson.

I don’t really need anything, but you can pray that I can continue learning the language and all will be well.

I have to go now and send an email to our Branch President about my progress.

Know I Love You and pray for your safety every night! 

I will write next Friday and keep the letters coming, I save all of them.

Love you! šŸ˜

Elder Perry
Canada Toronto Mission


  1. Hi Elder Perry! The MTC sounds awesome! You probably already know more French than I do and I lived in Ontario and went to grade school there! I look forward to reading your letters home. Maybe you'll meet some of the people I knew there. You'll be able to go to the temple I was endowed in. It's all too exciting for me, lol. Take pictures when you're allowed! :)

  2. It sounds like you are doing great! (As we knew you would be!) It IS the greatest thing you could be doing right now. ;-> Just don't waste even a minute of time! Two years goes too quickly! In 2 weeks, we will be going home, but not done! There is much left to do!
    We love you, and are very proud of the wonderful man you are. ♥️
    Continue doing well Elder.
    Elder & Sister Levesque