Friday, August 5, 2016

P-Day #1 Letter - My E-mail is

Hey Mom &Dad, 

I got to meet my french teacher today. Hey spoke in french the entire time. Boy am I in trouble with trying to learn this language. I finally found out when my P-Day is. It is Friday. We got to go into these meetings were we got to talk to actual investigators. That was such a spiritual meeting. My companion Elder Thompson is a really good guy.

I am doing well, we met our branch president last night and got to see how church works. 

There is a rumor that Elder Holland is coming to a devotional on Sunday.

Elder Thompson, my Companion, is sitting at the table.

Also for Grandma, I did run into Elder Symes and he is doing great with the language. We had dinner at grandma's house before we reported to the MTC.

I also ran into Tieg Hennessey, Sister Grosnicks Grandson and he is doing awesome. 

The language is tough but it is getting a little better. Sleeping arrangements are good and we don't even hear each other snoring. Its nice to be here and I know that I am doing something very important. Today, this morning, we got to go to the Provo Temple and go through a session. I got to see the new movie and I thought it was better than the other we saw at the Portland Temple. We then got to do some service in the temple laundry and eat in the cafeteria at the temple. It was really good.

I am so grateful I payed attention to Mom about ironing clothes because, when I got to the MTC, I thought there was going to be hangers to hang our clothes up, per the website...WRONG.They should really change that. So my white shirts had to be put it a drawer where the were left to get all wrinkled. I then had to iron one white shirt to go to the temple today.  I finally got some hangers at the MTC store and am going to stop by and pick some more up for my white shirts that will be coming in. 

Mom will be happy to hear that I also know how to fold my own clothes, do my own laundry and will be getting that done today as well. If dad were here, I would tell him that missionaries are not aloud to take showers and that we swing from trees...then tell him the truth. We do take showers everyday when we wake up and put on our "Super Suits" and brush our teeth just like I would do at home. 

Our schedule is pretty busy and very intense, but we are getting the hang of it. We will now start to be on a regular schedule  and as dad said "it will start to normalize"'

It's very hot here...everyday, I thank heavenly father for sending me to a cold mission. Most of my time is spent reading the language or trying to pronounce something only to mess up and have to try again. French is hard to learn. Elder Thompson is nice and he is very patient with me learning the language and waiting for me to finish getting dressed for the day. We have ID cards that we use to get into buildings here so that missionaries only go into buildings that they are supposed to go in. 

We will be teaching a mock investigator tomorrow in french and I am not sure how that is going to happen. I really hope I get the language down a little. I found out just as I was writing this that I could get the wireless here for my camera to download pictures. I thought that their was some password you had to have to get on the wireless.

Mom will be happy to hear that I am wearing my blue Mickey Mouse shirt today, so think of Mickey😁!!!!!! (see above)

The food here is really good and I am not going hungry.

I will email when I can but I am generally going to write home on Fridays and will probably not respond til' then but keep sending emails when you can and I will keep responding as much as I can.

Thanks for the note that came with the shirt today, that really brightened my day. Let Megan know that I received her note, also and I will be emailing her later.


Elder Perry

Canada Toronto Mission 

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