Saturday, August 13, 2016

P-Day #2 Praying for Rain in French........

Hi Mom & Dad,

I am doing very well. We received a talk by Neal l. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for our devotional on Tuesday. I received your “” letters and it’s nice to know that you made it to Megan’s safely. I have been praying for you guys every night. Elder Thompson and I get along great and all is well.

Elder Perry's Companion Elder Thompson, Center

I thought about leaving a one sentence e-mail but I know that mom wouldn't like that very much but I will give you a little taste…. I’m doing good. The End.  HAHAHAHAHA

I have noticed that some elders don't know how to iron their shirts, but I do. I’m really glad that I listened to my mom. Don't expect that sentence every letter though. HAHAHA

We have Jeffery R. Holland coming to give a devotional on Tuesday. That will be cool. We finished teaching our mock investigator yesterday and committed him to baptism. It was cool because I spoke more French from memory in that lesson than I had spoken in all the other lessons combined.

Missionaries get to go to the temple on their preparation day and I got to go today. It was nice just to be relaxing in the temple and to feel the spirit. We get to go on temple walks on Sundays and temple sessions on Fridays. They keep us pretty busy. This is the first time I have been on the computer in a week. Mostly it is studying our language and memorizing key phrases in order to teach the investigators in our mission language.

 It has been very hot here and the other day I finally just stared into the sky and said “please rain” in French. I then went to class and 30 min later a sister missionary from another class stuck her head inside of the door soaking wet. We took a break and sure enough, it was raining. The Lord answers prayers for those who ask and are called to labor with him. I feel good about the language and I feel that I am getting better little by little.

Our district is the little rebel district. I’m not, but some people are. We are the “Black Sheep” of the Zone. baa baa baa. Someone came up with the idea for “Two Tie Tuesday” and others don't shave that much, but its OK because we have fun and we work hard and are studying hard. Remember, when you do these things…. you enjoy what you do! I’m in the Spiritual “Kingsmen” Training Center (Movie Reference).

I hope you didn’t work too hard Dad. Sorry I could not be there to help with the move. If I could have, I would have.

I can only email on p-day but I upload pictures when I can. I have to e-mail my mission president and my branch president today so, I have to go.

I love you and I will keep on singing “We are poor little lambs, who have lost our way…baa baa baa”. (Another Movie Reference)

Tell Grandma and Grandpa I received their letter and I will write them when I can.

I Love You…. You’re the best I could hope for!

Elder Perry

Canada Toronto Mission

Bonus - Parents Story of the Week

We were contacted by Kim’s Brother and Sister-in-Law from Vancouver, WA. They have some friends that are going on a mission to Jamaica and are currently in the Provo MTC. They used Facebook and messaged that this couple had dinner with Elder Perry and company, and he said the blessing….IN FRENCH! They relayed the message that his blessing was fantastic and he is doing great at learning the language. They said he is also doing great, and he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. 

Steve & Kim Perry

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  1. Tender mercies! ♥️
    I'm sure you are very proud of your amazing, prepared young man. We sure enjoyed working with him!
    We love you guys!!!
    Sister Levesque