Thursday, August 3, 2017

P-Day #52 – It’s Hump-Day! Niagara Falls and Operation Desert Eagle…

Elder Perry(L), Elder Trump, Elder Toly
& My Companion Elder Garrett(R)

One year in the books, one to go. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

We have started what we call Operation Desert Eagle. We have shifted our main focus on reactivation and retention rather than bringing in new people and having them become less actives. This has led to a lot of time in the Family History Center where we have spent a combined total of 15 hours in updating records and putting the records onto our “dot map”.

This in turn has not allowed us to go and contact very much. We were able to help some of the members though with service and we were able to put up some dry wall in a member’s home. It took a lot of work, but we were able to get the pieces out of her car and able to get the job done. I think we are starting to gain the trust of the members and hopefully we will be able to get some referrals from them.

We also were able to move a couch for a member and give a blessing to another in one event. We went and moved the couch into a car and then went to give a blessing to another member. We then went to the other member and unloaded the couch for him. It was a pretty busy day but we were able to multitask and get everything done.

We have been working hard and we met with a less active Sister who said that she may come back. We will have to meet with her some more. We will continue to work to reactivate members and help with retention efforts.

A Hershey's Kiss for Mom

On P-Day we did a bunch of fun things. We went to the Hershey's store and went to Niagara Falls and Bird Kingdom of Niagara Falls, a Bird Sanctuary.

Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side

Thank You to Grandma & Grandpa Gibson, Dave Western and Jeff Cheney for writing to me. E-Mails are fantastic and a bit of home goes a long way. 

The NASCAR from Days of Thunder

I’d like to give a very special shout out to Brother Dan Jordan for shipping my Hump-Day box from my Mom and Dad. I haven’t got it as of August 31st because it was in customs, but I know it’s coming! I’m sure Mom and Dad stuffed it full of treats!

Thanks Mom and Dad and remember...

I pray for you every night and day!

Elder Perry
Hamilton Ward
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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