Monday, November 28, 2016

P-Day # 17 - Best Week of my Mission, Chinatown and Being a Temporary AP in Brampton, Ontario

President and Sister Shields with Elder Perry

Hi Mom and Dad,

Exciting things happened this week. Our Mission President had me do a swap with one of the Assistants to the President this week. So, I drove all the way down to Brampton (Suburb of Toronto where the Mission Home is) on Wednesday. President Shields assigned me to do the work of an AP this week to get some extra training. I and got to see what the AP's do, which is fun. They do a lot of what we regular missionaries do, but they just travel more. The AP’s here in Brampton are really fun people to be around. 

Thursday, I went to work. We took President Shields out to a lesson and taught with him. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation to a 7-year-old girl and pretty much knew the entire thing because she goes to primary.

The buildings are huge. We went to another member’s apartment who lives on the 38 floor of an apartment building and it’s the penthouse. I thought it was cool because I have never been in a penthouse before. And let me tell you it’s pretty high, Dad would have puked. We taught a guy who wanted to know if the previous baptisms he had were valid and I was able to use an analogy from “The District” videos, so my training payed off!
It’s been the best week of my mission. We have been really busy all week. We have been doing so much missionary work, it's been epic.  We only come back home for food and at the end of the day. Other than that, we are out talking to people and knocking on doors.

We met this guy who was super cool. He was a referral from a friend of his and was investigating the church some time before. He and his friend had the best time and just watching them make fun of each other in a loving manner was so funny. We taught a lady who was really excited about the gospel and she even had her own teaching record and marked things off. It was great.

The people hear “rock”! I met Elder Taylor, whom you met in the mission office when you came up while I was in the MTC. The Elders here “rock” and we have done some cool things. This morning we got a cake for Elder Carroll who is one of the Assistants to the President and sang Happy Birthday to him. We did it really stealthy, so that was fun. 

We were able to have Thanksgiving dinner with the office missionaries and a companionship of sister missionaries, just like home!  

My temporary companion is cool and we joke around a lot, but we also do a lot of missionary work and taught really well together. Brampton “rocks”. If I could stay here my whole mission, it would be awesome. The people here are mostly Indian (India) and so we get a lot of the phrase " God is one" in their accent.

We got “anti'd” a little, but we were out and about so that didn't bother me. I got to play soccer with this little kid who wanted to become a missionary and a doctor for his religion, which I thought was so cool. I was a hero to him, which I thought was awesome. 

We joke and laugh and I love being a missionary down here. I am going to try and make our area as much like this as I can.

I have to return to Val-d’Or tomorrow. I would like to stay in Brampton longer, but I am really needed there since our mission only has 4 French Speaking Elders and they are all in my area.

We are going to downtown Toronto today and we will be going to Chinatown. I am really excited. I am so happy I was able to come down and see what happens down here. I have had so much fun and people here are so nice. 

The AP's are in a YSA Ward, so I got to go and it felt just like being back at home in the Forest Grove YSA branch. I loved being there and met some cool people. 

I have gloves and a hat but still need boots. I will get them when I get back to Val-d’Or. I still can’t find my glasses, so I think they are gone. I’ll get some new one’s when I get back to Val-d’Or, also.

I have received email from Sister Richardson. She’s so sweet. She told me all about her family when they were here and some friends that are still here. I plan on looking them up when I get back.

Well, what else can I say. It’s been an awesome week. Best week of My Mission.

Love You and Pray for you Every Night,

~Elder Perry

  Canada Toronto Mission 

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