Tuesday, November 8, 2016

P-Day #14 - New Furniture, The Flu Bug & Transfers....

Elder Jacob "JP" Perry

Hi Mom & Dad,

Guess what…. We have furniture! I slept in a bed for the first time in a long time and it was wonderful. New bed, new sheets…ahhhhhhh!!!!  I sleep so well now! We also have some pots and pans and utensils.

This week has been a slow week for us. The weather has been getting colder and we love when it is just 3 degrees C. The flu has been going around so most of our investigators cancelled their meetings.

That's Our Boy! - Mom & Dad

We were able to watch the broadcast of Teaching the Saviors Way with Jeffery R. Holland, which was exciting. The broadcast did not buffer which was a huge blessing.

We helped a member of our Branch clear a path in her storage for her snow blower. It was very big and I am interested to see what the snow will bring.

We ate dinner at a member’s apartment and she helps me practice my French. We spent most of our time talking about Harry Potter and the multiple Disney movies that she had. We also talked about the books that she had and did the dishes. She said that if she could clone one of us she would just keep us which I thought was funny.

We have done a lot of contacting this week to find new investigators but with not much luck. This is ok because this is part of being a missionary.

I'm on A Mission.....

We are on our P-Day in North Bay on our way to Brampton tomorrow for transfers.  I heard that for this transfer pretty much 80 percent of the missionaries are getting transferred to new areas. This is a major mission shake up but we are staying where we are because they have no one else who speaks French. I guess we are part of the 20 percent. We will be able to attend the Temple while were in Brampton. That will be awesome. 

I Love You and Pray for You Each Night!

Elder Perry
Abitibi Branch, Val-d’Or, Quebec
Canada Toronto Mission

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  1. I love your missionary! thank you for sharing his letters. I'm always impressed with his positive attitude and touched by his gratitude.