Monday, October 31, 2016

P-Day #13 - Snow, Wild Dogs and Doing the Lords Work......

Elder Perry and The Dinner of Missionaries....Beans and Rice!

Mom and Dad, 

This week has been a good week.

We cleaned up our area book because it was outdated. We did a lot of walking this week because we need to find new people to teach and we can't find new people when you are driving a car. This is when comfortable footwear really pays off. 

We contacted the former investigators and managed to find some new ones, as well. We met a girl named Hilary and she is a friend of a recent convert here. We were able to talk with her and she does the same thing we do only a little differently. She gives people hope at a local homeless shelter. She was open to here our message. We taught her the restoration of the gospel and she actually prayed for us at the end of the lesson. We are always ecstatic when investigators pray because that gives them the opportunity to receive the Spirit.

We still don't have furniture yet because the company that had the furniture previously purchased for our apartment didn't deliver up here. We took a day with another set of missionaries and just bought the furniture locally. They said it should be delivered this week.

We didn't have many investigators at church but that's OK because we are still in contact with them and are setting up appointments with them to teach them. I am starting to understand why Christ spoke in parables and didn't reveal everything to the twelve. It was because they would not understand and they would reject his message. I am learning to just throw myself into the scriptures and learn about Christ teachings more thoroughly. This gives me great strength and comfort!  

My French is getting better but is far from perfect. Slowly but surely, I am able to teach and not have to try and say the phrase over again. It’s coming, slowly but surely!

We went to a place called Lac Simon which is a reservation and got to see how we were going to open up the area. It's very remote and pretty much only houses are there but the people are nice. Wild dogs roam all over the area which I thought was weird but at the same time interesting.

View from our Balcony, First Snow of the Season!
The weather is changing quickly and its snows every other day but doesn't stick. winter is definitely on the way.  Other than that, it's mainly just been the normal missionary stuff.  The rest of the week has been fantastic. I still haven't found my glasses but I will keep looking. We stayed at the other Elder’s apartment and I have them looking there, also.

I Love You and Pray for You Every Night,

Elder Perry

Canada Toronto Mission  

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