Wednesday, October 12, 2016

P-Day #10 - Polar Bears, A Baptism and Way Too Much Driving......

Elder Perry's Email is 

Hi Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, Megan, Matt & Benson,

We have been really busy up here. We had a baptism in a hot tub and I got to be a witness for it. Our branch was officially created over General Conference weekend, so for that Sunday, we had 8 hours’ of Church because we had meetings in between Conference Sessions and a potluck.

We talked to a drunk Native Man and gave him a pass along card so he can remember the missionaries when he gets sober. We helped a less active Lady move some things from her storage this week. She had some heavy things, but we got it done. We have a family who has been having tough times and have some struggles. Every time we go over, things always seem to turn out better for them. We just baptized one of our investigators and need to teach her the lessons again and we have a reactivation in the process and a new investigator joined us in church this week.

We had Zone Conference in North Bay. I got to see some of the other Elders from Sudbury that I made friends with when I first arrived in Toronto. I also got to see a friend from the MTC.

Elder Carman, our District Leader has only 3 weeks until he goes home and Elder Feth, our Senior Companion leaves in February. I sure hope my French comes quickly. 
Fall is Here, Winter is Coming!

We have been having rain here, but the elders say by November it should turn to snow. It has been cold up here for the past couple of days. Winter is definitely on its way. We got our first snow fall this week and were able to go out and experience it. The snow didn't stick, but it gave us a chance to see what the winter would bring for us.

We have done a lot of driving this week. We are waiting for word that we can move into our new apartment in Val-d’Or. We don't have furniture, a stove or a fridge, so we can't move in just yet. I am starting to feel how grandpa felt on his mission with all the driving.  We drive an hour and a half for one area and then we stay in that area for the day. Then we drive to another area and stay the night there. We do that every other day, so it is a lot of driving.

My French is getting better and I am actually able to understand what they are saying but I am still having trouble with the responding part of the conversation. The gift of tongues is real and when you don't have that gift, that's when you have to worry.

Canadian Thanksgiving was this week on Monday. The Saturday before, we had dinner at an investigators house with turkey and all the trimmings. Sorry, I might be a little late for the U.S. Thanksgiving Dinner this year and putting you on notice, probably next year too. I miss our thanksgiving dinners at your house and just being with you all at the table.
Today we got to go to a polar bear habitat and look at the polar bears. They are very big! We got to get within 1 arm’s length of them, it’s cool just to say that I got to stand next to a polar bear. 

Grandma and Grandpa, I have not received Your letter yet. When you send it to the Mission Office, it can take a month or two for me to get it because we only get mail at Zone Conferences. We can receive mail at the apartment, but because our living arrangements are up in the air, we will have to wait on that. Thank you for sending letters. It is nice to get handwritten letters from you and I like reading them. I have been seeing a lot of potential places to fish but realizing that I can't because I don't have my fishing buddy who brings me good luck(Grandpa).

I got an e-mail from Brother Jordan, my former Young Men’s President this week. It was nice to hear from a familiar person from home.

Well, That’s it for this week. Tell everyone “Hello” in the Vernonia Branch and the Forest Grove YSA Branch.

To My Family, I Love You, Miss You and Pray for You Every Night.

Elder Perry

Canada Toronto Mission


  1. What a cute boy! Love the pic with the polar bear. Amazing!

  2. I love reading Elder Perry's emails. He's so full of optimism, and love for all his family back home, its a joy to see.