Monday, October 3, 2016

P-Day #9 - Still in Limbo, New Winter Coat and Almost Cussing in French!

Elder Perry with his New Winter Coat
Dear Mom & Dad,

I am in Timiskaming right now on P-Day, but I still temporarily live in Rouyn-Noranda. President Shields won’t let us stay in the new apartment in Val-D’Or until all the furniture is moved in. We still need a stove and some other things and they’re all on order, so I’m still in limbo. I’m really looking forward to having a “permanent” area to work in. It’s kind of hard to be effective when we’re in limbo. I did move all my stuff over to the new apartment, but we go over there and grab a few days of clothes every couple of days.

I’m pretty tired because of all of the traveling we do between Timiskaming, Rouyn-Noranda and Val-D’Or. I accidentally left my pillow and blanket in Rouyn-Noranda and had to sleep in a sweat shirt. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight on Saturday night, so I’m really tired.

The new Val-D’Or branch is now official created…or recreated. My companion got called as the 2nd councilor in the Branch Presidency, so I became a 2nd councilor without the calling because I will have to be with him every time he has a meeting and I’ll sit outside the door and wait for him. I thought that was cool. We taught an investigator about General Conference and how prayers can be answered through General Conference. The spirit was strong and I felt we did some good. I really enjoyed The 186th General Conference this weekend. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Before my mission I usually helped my Dad setup for the broadcasts, opened the doors…etc. Now, I’m here and I open the doors and setup for the broadcast. We broadcast in English and French. I think Heavenly Father was teaching me how to be on a mission…before my mission! It felt like I was home, again!

I really enjoyed Henry B. Eyring’s talk about when he had to give a talk in conference, then a General Authority talked after him. Kind of reminds me of when President Richardson asked me to bear my testimony then a General Authority spoke at our Stake Conference.
The New Val-D'Or Meetinghouse/Chapel

The pictures I sent are of the Val-d’Or meeting house and it makes our Vernonia Branch look like a ward. We don’t have any youth but we do have a couple of primary aged children.

Elder Perry Riding in the Car.....Again!!!

My health is good. I am eating good. We ate at the building on Saturday and had pizza and ice cream bars we bought. I have been practicing my French with some members. It’s getting better day by day.

Oh Yea, it’s my two-month mark!  Thanks Mom, I hadn’t even thought about it!

We went up to La Sarre this week. We were seeing if we would be able to teach up there and see if it was even big enough. We are thinking that the Val-D’Or people will take Amos and the Rouyn-Noranda Elders will take La Sarre, but we are not sure yet we are just throwing ideas around.

One of Elder Perry's Companions,
Elder Feth Flashing Mormon Gang Sign's

We taught a lady named Nadia and we are scheduling her baptism interview this week which is cool. This is the first time I have met with her, other Elders met with her before us.  She was being taught when I got here and I have spoken a few phrases in French to help teach her and she is progressing. Another investigator said in her prayer that she was grateful that heavenly father sent “angels” to teach her the Gospel. That was a really spiritual experience! Also, for this week, I was practicing my French with some of the members and almost found myself cussing in French while saying the word “tabernacle”. The French use it as a cuss word so I won't be making that mistake again.

Elder Perry's Other Companion
Elder Carman Writing a Letter Home!

Tell Grandma, Grandpa, Megan, Matt and Benson “Hi” and make sure to forward this letter, also.  

I Love You and Pray for You Every Night!
Elder Perry

Canada Toronto Mission  

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