Monday, September 19, 2016

P-Day #7 - Where is Elder Perry & Bonus Letter Home !!!

Hi Mom and Dad, 

Just doing p-day emails in Timiskaming. We have an hour and a half back to the apartment in Rouyn-Noranda. I feel like in the army where I get put in one place for a little bit but not long enough to make it worth my while to unpack.

Ya’ I thought you guys would like to see the awesome views I am seeing.

I am doing great and helping the elders going home apply for college and other things because I have done it before.

We stayed overnight at the missionary’s house here in Timiskaming because it is just more economical with driving. We will be driving to Rouyn-Noranda today, probably after we leave here.

President Shields doesn't know where he is going to put me. I am just staying in Rouyn-Noranda for a week and then he will hopefully put me somewhere permanent.

I will get my winter clothing when I have something permanent but until then I just don't know. A lot of things are up in the air right now.

They just split the branches and we are having a branch in Val-d’Or. In our stake boundaries, they are the size of Utah, Nevada and Wyoming combined and a little left over. It’s huge.
Elder Perry, Lookin' Sharp!

I am not with Elder Thompson anymore. He stayed in Sudbury with my first trainer Elder “T” (we call him that because we can't say his last name).

My companions are Elder Feth & Elder Carman. They are going to be my new trainers for a week…then I’m not sure. They go home in December, so they have to train kind of quick. They are nice and we laugh and joke around a lot too. They are my kind of people. 

We just got done eating at Pizza Hut because we don't have much food at the apartment. Pizza Hut had a buffet, so we ate enough to last a week.

I have not had poutine yet, but I hear that Quebec has the best poutine. i still have money from the mission to use. I have not spent enough time in one place to be fed by the members. I here that some members feed you but mostly you cook for yourself. 

The elders say that they stay up in their areas for almost a solid year because we don't have that many French speakers. My health is good and we do exercise in the morning. I feel good and I feel I have more energy in the day. Getting up still has not gotten easier though.

We are driving a Chevy Cruz now the Nissan rogue is back in Sudbury with the other elders.

They have a lot of lakes here that look like good spots to go fly-fishing. Maybe we will have to take a trip or something and come back after my mission.

I better go because another elder has to use this computer also.

Know that I love you and will email you both as soon as I can. I have to say that because I don't know the next time I will be able to email you. Everything is uncertain up here for now. I eat and sleep when I can as well. Just like the military. Sleep and eat when you can because you don't know when you will be able too again.

I still would not trade being a Missionary for anything, even the lack of sleep is worth it!

Maybe I will see some Ice Road Truckers. They are more west but we are on the east edge of our mission and even President Shields has never been this far north. That I think is cool, yep! Love you both and will talk to you later.

Mom, in the words of the stripling warriors, our mothers knew it :) !!!
Dad, Your NCIS buddy,

Elder Jacob Perry
Canada Toronto Mission
Somewhere Far Up North…

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