Tuesday, March 14, 2017

P-Day #32 - Transfers, New Investigators and Trying to Bake a Cake!!!

Elder Hanks(Left) and Elder Perry(3rd From Left)

This week has been a really good week for us.

Sunday was transfers, but Elder Hanks and I did not move….YEA!!!! I like Elder Hanks. He and I get along great. He’s pretty funny. He’s been out 8 months, but only in the Kitchener area for 2 weeks longer than I have been here. He was wired up about transfers the other night and went to the refrigerator and just started to eat a block of cheese. This may not sound too funny, but I guess you had to be there…it was funny!

We were able to have our first lessons with our new investigators. We started teaching our investigator Roy and were just getting to know him. He had somethings go on in his life and he wanted to see if we could help him quit drinking. We got to know some of his concerns and he just wants help with the Word of Wisdom and knowing if God is really there. We were able to let him know that God is there, and has not left. We were then able to teach him how to pray and as he began to cry from the Spirit, he was able to feel that God was there and heard his prayers. We then were able to set a return appointment and then taught him the Restoration which he accepted the commitments right away and we will be setting up a return appointment with him this week.

My Attempt to Bake a Cake 

We taught our other new investigator, Linda, and answered her questions about life after death. She wanted to know the church stance on smoking and drinking so we will be teaching her the Word of Wisdom for the next appointment. We would have taught her more at the time, but she was getting hammered right in front of us and had already downed a couple of beers...How Ironic! Now that's funny right there!

We were able to see an inactive who wanted to be told what to believe but all we could do is say you need to read and pray for yourself. We talked with him for a while (3 hours to be exact) at a Starbucks and he seemed really happy to talk to us. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We will try to set up a return appointment with him this week.

Elder Perry in his "Punisher" Bennie
This week has been really productive and we have gotten the area organized so we can do some major work. Now that all is organized, it’s “nose to the grindstone time”!  Doing the Work is a PERFECT 10 week. 

Know that I Love You and Pray for You Every Night & Day!


Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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