Monday, March 6, 2017

P-Day # 31 - Ask & Ye Shall Receive, Being Speechless and .....DUCK!

Elder Hanks and Elder Perry on P-Day

Ask and ye shall receive:  This week has been a week of miracles. We have been working really hard on finding people to teach and we hadn't seen any success for the whole week. Then on Saturday, we were walking through a parking lot and this random lady was walking by. I gave her a simple “hello” and she looked at our tags. She then said “Could I give you my number and we can meet sometime? I would like to talk with you guys". I was speechless but I managed to get the words out and get her information. We will be contacting her this week to set an appointment and help her in any way we can.

We continued through our day and worked through the less-actives with little success. 

On Sunday, after church, we were able to assist in administering the sacrament to a man who was not physically able to come to church. I think we were able to brighten his spirits and he seemed happy.

Later in the day we got a call from a lady who said that we had been calling her and that her cousin needed help. She then put the cousin on the phone and he said that he felt lost and wanted to know about our message. He had some things happen in his life and felt that he needed to get back on the path. We were able to set a time to meet with him and will be teaching him this week.

The Lord provides as long as we continue on the path and are diligent in following his commandments.

Funny Story, Last P-Day we played kill ball, which is like dodge ball with no rules. I guess I need to learn to 'DUCK"🦆 because I got hit at least 3 times in the face. How do I explain to an investigator why I have a black eye? Perhaps maybe that would be a conversation starter, a missionary with a black eye, 😎haha! Now that's funny right there!!!

Well, it has been a good week.

Remember I pray for you Every Day & Night.


Elder Perry
Waterloo Ward
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada Toronto Mission

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