Tuesday, February 7, 2017

P-Day #27 - A Great Week, A Police Chase and Following the Spirit....

I have been in the field
for 6 months and Love
being a Missionary!
This week has been a really good week for us missionaries. We have been kept pretty busy with appointments and helping people learn the Gospel. We had a really good experience with Zone Conference and being more obedient in the mission field.

After the Conference, we decided to go tracking and visit some former investigators in the area. we knocked on their doors but they were not home. we were just about to turn back to head home when I got the spiritual prompting to hit another button on the elevator. I hit the button and looked around to see if there was going to be anyone there. No one was but I felt impressed to walk down the hall to a certain door. We knocked on it and we were able to talk with the guy there and got his number for future contact. This process repeated another three times and we were able to replenish our potential pool. The Spirit really does guide you when you decide that you will follow the Spirit completely and not be afraid of the consequences.

We were able to teach our investigator Josie about chastity and also about baptism. She calls us her “sons” which is fun and she also committed to live the law of Chasity.

Now for an exciting Story…. We were walking on the sidewalk going to the bus when all of a sudden, this Police car and another car came racing and squealing around the corner. The Police car got side by side the other car and the guy rammed the Police car deliberately and almost spun out the Police Car . The Policeman then gained control and did a “Pit” maneuver and made the guy crash into the side walk…. all right in front of us! It was awesome!Front page link

Grandma and Grandpa Gibson, I received your letter and sent you an email on the computer. Thanks for trying to keep up with technology. Megan, I got your card also…. the talking one. IT was very cool! Johnathan Levenseller, Thanks for your emails! It's good to hear from my peeps!

I love you both so much and Pray for you Every Night!

Elder Jacob Perry
Weston North
Canada Toronto Mission

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